australian Flower industry standards

Flower Standards in the Australian Floral Industry

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The Australian flower industry is unusual in that there are no defined, accepted standards for flowers such as exists in Europe, due to the dominance of the Dutch flower markets, and the USA, which is dominated by imports from South America.

History of the Australian Flower Industry

The Australian industry has developed largely independently from these influences due to decades of extreme restrictions on importing flowers and the distance and cost of importing from these markets. The huge distances between Australia’s small population centres have meant that flower production in Australia has developed around each main city rather than a national basis.

australian Flower industry standards

Only recently has a more national market developed, with flowers moved in water by refrigerated long-distance trucking and with more streamlined importation processes.

Because growers have traditionally been state-based, the products, style and varieties grown have historically been targeted at local markets and their expectations towards colour, bunch-size and quality.

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Development of a National Industry

As transport and refrigeration methods have improved and with the increase in imported flowers, national growers and importers have developed for some products but quality standards are still mostly based on the standards set by each grower/importer.

Wholesalers have a significant role in this market as it is the skill and knowledge of their buyers that determines the ability to provide consistent standards and reliable supply from a range of producers /importers that have variable supply and differing quality.

Effectively, wholesalers set their own standards and customers learn which have the ability to provide both reliable supply and consistent quality. Even so, this cannot be an exact process when the supply chain has so many variables and such limited capacity.

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  1. As a European outsider, and one who worked with incredibly tight supermarket specs, I do find it strange that not only are there no consistent specs within the industry, but sometimes there are no consistent specs within individual farms.

    It must be difficult for florists to plan ahead, if they don’t know how many stems might be in a bunch that week. The system relies on florists and wholesalers knowing their growers well, and knowing what each grower supplies and how they supply it, throughout the year.

    Would florists like to see a consistent stem count or quality grades for each flower product?

    Love the snowflakes & Santa btw!

  2. It’s tough getting fresh stock out here in Perth – all the work that you all put in is much appreciated! A big thank you to all the Tess crew!

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