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Focal Flowers, inc Gerberas & Iris

Focal Flowers, inc Gerberas and Iris

The hero of any flower arrangement, the focal flower. Many standout blooms who want to be the star of the show include gerberas, iris, tulips, sunflowers, pokers and more.  So many beautiful blooms available in an array of colours.



Availability: All year
Stem Count: 5-10 / bunch
Vase life: 7-10 days
Colour range: Red, pink, yellow, orange and white.  Pastels and brights.

A member of the daisy family and loved by so many for being a bright and happy flower.  Gerberas make fantastic focal flowers for their standout shape and bright colours.  On top of a tall thin stem sits a round flower with a black, yellow or green centre surrounded by many smaller petals.  Available in nearly every colour of the rainbow in bright tones and pastels, including many shades of red, pink, yellow and orange, white.  Gerberas come in standard size and also a mini size.

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Availability: Summer/Spring
Stem Count: 10 / bunch
Vase life: 7-10 days
Colour range: Blue/purple, white and yellow.

The iris is a fantastic focal flower with its tall stem with grassy sword-shaped leaves.  The flowers have 6 petals which form a unique shape.  The petals can be beardless or bearded (ruffled) and come in standard colors of blue/purple, white and yellow.

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