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20 Green Floral Design Ideas for St Patrick’s Day

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green flowers

St Patrick’s Day is coming and of course that means green everywhere, but in 2017 generally, it seems everything is going green. Browsing in homewares stores, I see green cushions, green throws, green wallpaper. In clothing stores, even more: green tops, dresses and shoes. This trend was most likely kick started by Pantone’s Colour of the Year and we recently talked about how to use greenery throughout your wedding. But have you ever thought: are there green flowers?

Yes! There are many naturally green flowers. Not greenery, like foliage, ferns and leaves, but rather flowers in delightful hues of my personal favourite colour. You would be forgiven for thinking there are only one or two options too, but, Mother Nature has provided us with a huge array of blooms in many different shades and styles. Here are 20 gorgeous flower pictures of green goodness.


Green Wedding Bouquet | Floral Design by Willow Haven | Image by Jesse Hisco

Green Flowers

1. Hellebore

There is a delightful little winter flower called hellebore and it flowers in many colours and tones including green, white pink, apricot, and purple to name a few. As you can see, it makes a super sweet buttonhole with floral design by Chloe+Mint.

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Green Hellebore

Green Hellebore | Floral Design by Chloe+Mint | Image by Tenth & Grace

2. Green Goodess Lily

There is a variety of arum lily aptly named green goddess and it is beautiful. Not to be confused with either the large white arum lilies (traditionally funeral flowers) or the smaller calla lily, green goddess is a medium sized flower with interesting shape and style. I love this simple green goddess and fern bouquet by Weber Westdale.

Goodess Lily

Green Goodess Lily | Floral Design by Weber Westdale | Image by Melissa Oholendt

3. Hydrangea

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We also talked recently about Hydrangeas and the many beautiful colours available, including green. It complimented this green wedding, with event planning by El Matador State Beach, beautifully.

Green Hydrangea

Green Hygrangea | Event Planning by El Matador State Beach | Images by Memoire Studio

4. Button Chrysanthemums

Turning the colour dial up, a bright lime green tone can be found in button chrysanthemums. They are a cute small bloom that can add a colour pop to any floral design. Being a chrysanthemum they last really well too.

Button Chrysanthemum

Green Button Chrysanthemum | Image by Tesselaars Flowers

5. Spider Chrysanthemums

Another variety of chrysanthemum is spider chrysanthemums and they are available in a lovely green shades also. Some are lime green and some are more of a yellow-green as seen in the flower image below.

Spider Chrysanthemum

Green Spider Chrysanthemum | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

6. Molucca Balm

Molucca Balm is also known as the ‘Bells of Ireland’ due to its cute little bell shaped florets displayed along a tall thin stem is said to be a lucky flower. On St Patrick’s Day, 17th March, people wear the colour green as it was thought that this colour made one invisible to leprechauns or fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see who was not wearing green!

Molucca Balm

Green Molucca Balm | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

7. Leucadendron

Leucadendrons, native to South Africia, can be found in this gorgeous green colour. Don’t they look amazing grouped here en masse?

Green Leucadendron

Green Leucadendron | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

8. Carnation

Carnations! Available in so many colours and so many hues, pinks, purples, yellows, reds, oranges, whites and a very pretty light mint green colour. I have used this particular tone of carnation several times in wedding flower designs, it is a really pretty and elegant shade. It looks amazing paired with hydrangea, lisianthus, freesias and roses in all white and greens or with a bit of pastel pink thrown in.

Green Carnations

Green Carnations | Image by Tesselaars Flowers

9. Trick Dianthus

Also in the carnation family is green trick dianthus. My son loves this flower as he thinks it looks like grass. It has amazing colour and texture and the stem is just like a carnation, but instead of a bloom of soft petals, there is a head of a little tuft of grass. A unique and interesting talking point in any floral design.

Green Trick

Green Trick | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

10. Cymbidium Orchid

I love orchids in any variety, size or shape and while there are many different types of green orchids, like Singapore and phalaenopsis, I thought I’d highlight Cymbidium Orchids as I am quite found of their particular shade of green. What do you think?

Cymbidium Orchids

Green Cymbidium Orchids | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

11. Gladioli

Then there is gladioli. A tall slender flower made famous by Australian personality Dame Edna Everage as she famously launches them into her audience. Available in a range of colours, red, white, pink, orange, yellow, purple and a vibrant lime green.

Green Gladioli

Green Gladioli | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

12. Rose

Roses would have to be the flower that can be found in every colour of the rainbow, so it’s an obvious inclusion for it to be found in green. And of course not just one shade, there is a lighter mint green tone and a more vibrant lime green tone that occur naturally (after cultivating). Other emerald green roses that you may see in images on the web would have either been dyed or “Photoshopped”.

Green Rose

Green Rose | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

Green Berries, Fillers and Pods

13. Queen Anne’s Lace

There is a lovely little filler flower which can also be used as a feature flower, Queen Anne’s Lace. It reminds me of a beautiful country garden and I have used this bloom in many wedding flower designs from classic to add just a little texture to garden where it is left loose and free flowing. The florets range greatly in size, some can be a large as a small side plate, others are only the size of a coin.

Queen Annes Lace

Green Queen Anne’s Lace | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

14. Hypericum Berry

Often found in red, pink, white and apricot, hypericum berry is also available in this lovely apple green colour. A great little berry to accent and add texture.

Hypericum Berry

Green Hypericum Berry | Image by Tesselaars Flowers

15. Lotus Pods

Lotus pods naturally occur in a more muted green colour. Some are entirely green, while others have a naturally brown edge to them.  Lotus pods have a really long stem and they love to drink water up their hollow stem, so give them a tall vase and top the water up daily.

Lotus Pods

Green Lotus Pods | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

Green Unique Textures

16. Kale

Ornamental kale can be found in green and white or green and purple varieties and it look amazing in flower designs. Often large in size, just one as a feature can be enough to give the ‘wow factor’.


Kale | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

17. Amaranthus

Hanging amaranthus is divine as it adds drama to any design. It is amazing to use in large scale floral installations, think floral arches and chandeliers, even as a feature in a bridal bouquet. It can be found in red and green.

Hanging Amaranthus

Amaranthus | Floral Design byFrontier Flowers – Fontana | Image by Kristina Lorraine Photography

18. Erica

Erica features small leaves on thin stems, then the top bulges with clusters of bell-shaped or tubular flowers. The flowers are mostly in white, soft pink or lavender tones but many colors occur including green.

Green Erica

Green Erica | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

19. Pineapple Lilies

Another tall and fantastic flower, the pineapple lily (named as such for obvious reasons). Colours of the florets include purple, yellow, white and this lime green tone. All the colours have the distinctive green top that looks just like a pineapple.

Pineapple Lily

Green Pineapple Lily | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

20. Succulents

Finally green succulents.  Okay, I know they are technically a plant and not a flower, but as they have so many uses in floral design, I think they should be included on our list. They look stunning mixed with berries, dodder vine and even as a contrast to soft pretty blooms like roses and lisianthus.


Succulents | Image by Tesselaar Flowers

So as you can see there is a wide variety of amazing and interesting flowers that can be found in this season’s hottest colour: green. Are there any we haven’t mentioned? Which is your favourite? I’d have to say hydrangea, no, hellebore, … or queen annes lace> No, wait … cymbidium orchid or maybe, mint green carnations…….. I don’t think I’ll ever have just one favourite!

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