Foliage Hanging Installation

“Wow Factor” Hanging Floral Installations

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Hanging floral installations are a hugely popular trend at the moment. Not for the faint-hearted florist or the low budget bride, these creations are typically expensive because many of bunches of flowers and foliage are needed to create such massive designs as well as many hours of labour and a talented floral eye. The size, shape and colour of hanging floral installations are only limited by imagination; here are some great examples of this season’s must-have reception decoration.

How about a floral feature above the bridal table?

Let’s start with a beautiful hanging installation by Leah Mitchell Floral Design. This design focusses on many gorgeous blooms of flowers and not as much foliage. A classic, elegant mix of feminine pink and white blooms has been used to create a long rectangular piece that would look amazing suspended over a bridal table.

Full Floral Hanging Installation

Full Floral Hanging Installation | Leah Mitchell Floral Design

While this hanging installation by Jane Gilliam has the same shape as the one above, the look is completely different. This is due to the use of different flower varieties including red orchids. Also the construction is more wild and carefree with textured blooms and foliage.

Red Floral Hanging Installation

Red Floral Hanging Installation | Jane Gilliam

Lighting is a great feature to incorporate through a hanging floral installation as it can set the mood and at night, importantly, light up the flowers!  A floral piece like this one by Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio would be perfect over a long guest table centrepiece, perhaps running down the middle of the reception space.

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Tropical Hanging Installation

Tropical Hanging Installation | Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio

Wow your guests

With any hanging installation, as soon as guests walk into that space their eye will be naturally drawn to the ceiling. So you can keep the table centre pieces very simple, perhaps with just groupings of candles or small vessels of blooms. This allows your flower budget to go towards creating such a magnificent hanging statement piece. Hanging installations will certainly leave an impression on your guests and have them talking about the flowers well after the wedding.

The next three florists all explore and play with “halo design” hanging floral installations. As you can see, the same overall shape can give three different looks depending on floral and foliage choice and application. The first halo, by Alstonville Florist, is bright and fresh against the white backdrop of an outdoor marquee.

Bright Halo Hanging Installation

Bright Halo Hanging Installation | Alstonville Florist

The second halo by Poppy Culture is an elegant combination of white and green including hanging amaranths, phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea and foliage.

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Green Halo Hanging Installation

Green Halo Hanging Installation | Poppy Culture

Meanwhile the last halo by Willow Bud is in a rustic venue so it is naturally more textured and the colour palette uses rich, deeper tones.

Textured Hanging Installation

Textured Hanging Installation | Willow Bud

Foliage or Flowers?

I absolutely adore this piece by Floriffic Flowers. It displays a mass of foliage that starts as a square with a timber frame at the top and then cascades down to a pyramid shape. Only a few blooms are pieced throughout and I can just imagine what a fantastic effect this would have in the reception space.

Foliage Hanging Installation

Foliage Hanging Installation | Floriffic Flowers

I am also loving this teardrop design by Elise Rosen. Not only is the shape unique but so is the way the design is created using fully opened blooms around the base and then buds towards the top creating the point of the teardrop. These would look so gorgeous hung from the ceiling at a reception venue, perhaps over guest tables if the budget allows for multiples or just one in a feature area.

Teardrop Hanging Installation

Teardrop Hanging Installation | Elise Rosen

Another variation of a round shape is this exquisite example by Green and Bloom. Created on a chandelier base these wild, free-flowing flowers and foliage take over and cascade downwards to create a beautiful effect. Flower blooms threaded onto fishing line, create hanging teardrops and add interest to the overall design.

Round Cascading Hanging Installation

Round Cascading Hanging Installation | Green and Bloom

When thinking of hanging floral installations it is best to chat to the experts.  Once made, they can be quite heavy so they must be installed correctly, you wouldn’t want anything falling on your guest’s heads! Use a qualified event/lighting company to install the base or truss and an experienced wedding florist to create and add the florals.

A very gorgeous and on-trend way to style your reception or event space.


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Kyla Helgeson is one Australia's top wedding florists operating as The White Orchid Floral Design. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Kyla has studied in New York and is a former finalist in Tesselaars floristry competition. In 2015 Kyla joined the Tesselaars marketing team as our floral content advisor and has since authored over 50 popular floral style blogs.

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  1. Love this blog. I am about to do a very large hanging wreath for a wedding and trying to find out the best way to hang and install. I haven’t had to do one before!

    Can you offer any advice as to where I can get a large wreath frame for this? We are thinking about 1-2m across.

    1. Hi Nan, something with the diameter of what you’re thinking would need to be purpose build. Timber pallet planks cut layered and screwed together to create a pentagonal shape with an oasis garland attached or funeral bats would be a quick way, you will need either chain or heavy rope to hang as it has to be able to support the weight once the frame is decorated. I’ve also used artificial willow branches, they’re latex covered heavy gauge wire, cable tie a few together to create the size needed and with lots of greenery, looks heavy but it’s not , you’d only need rope to hang this. Firstly check the venue to see what they have in the way of anchor points. Marquees have the roof beams, barns and some venues have exposed beams….. good luck

  2. Author

    Hi Nan,

    Thank you for your lovely feedback. From experience I have worked with event and lighting companies in Adelaide, who are qualified and can install the metal halo frame on rigging (either electric or manual) for you. This is great as you can then lower the halo to work on it at standing height and once finished hoist it into position.

    I wouldn’t know who to recommend for you locally, as I see you are in QLD (perhaps our QLD florists could comment here), but I would start with the companies who usually install lighting, festoons, lanterns, fairy lights, chandeliers etc or perhaps even try asking the venue at which you will be creating the hanging piece and they might have some recommendations too.

    Good luck with your piece, they are lots of fun to make, would love to see a picture of your creation 🙂

    Kind Regards, Kyla.

  3. Absolutely fabulous ladies…. Can’t wait for a reason to give it a try!
    Marion Moss, Darlington WA

  4. Hi Nan,
    I’d recommend you do a trial before going to the venue – especially to gauge the weight of the finished installation. Especially when hanging a round/halo/wreath shape, you will need evenly spaced chain/rope – probably at 4 anchor points for something 1-2 meters wide. We would also recommend you get something custom made to support the florals etc. Have fun.

  5. Hello!

    I work for an events company in the UK and we are trying to create a floral installation on the ceiling of a restaurant and it would be great if you had any tips! The hard aspect is that the flowers should not be ‘hanging’ down but creating a blanket, almost like we have glued the flowers to the ceiling if that makes sense!

    We are thinking that a good netting is key but are unsure about attaching the flowers and keeping them alive…. they only have to last a day but it is still a worry if out of water for too long.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  6. Author

    Hi Tamsin,

    My advice with any hanging floral installation is to make sure it is installed by an event/lighting company, who is qualified in installing the base frame with proper rigging using the venues anchor points, that way, as you work installing the flowers it is secure and also of course secure for guests safety too!

    Flowers can be attached (with water) to any base with either netted oasis or individual stems in test tubes wired or cable tied on.

    Good luck, would love to see a picture of your creation ?

    Kind Regards, Kyla.

  7. Hi Wow this is lovely, you are so helpful.

    I am just starting my new business of floral decor, using faux flowers. I am in the UK and I’ve been asked to do some floral installations for the ceiling and walls to beauty salons.

    I would be really grateful if you can give me any advice or tips on how to secure them to the walls or ceilings please?

    There won’t be any anchorage points so will need to attach directly.

    I will be using the flower wall panels at the moment, but any helpful hints will be great.

    Best wishes


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