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Peonies Brisbane, You Know You Love Them

Here’s a selection of floral goodness, local and imported out of the Brisbane warehouse this week. These sweet, sweet photos of Peonies were taken (with style, flair, aplomb even) by Cassie Keegan who you can totally call, lavish praise upon and/or order flowers from via 07 3391 8400

Imported peonies

Peonies (Imported)

No its not your eyes, Peonies are here!  We are lucky to have them as you all know their Australian season isn’t until November, however these have travelled from Holland.  Unfortunately not available on wedding orders due to being an imported product.


Zinnias (Last of the season)

Zinnias – cute, colourful and cheerful.  How could you not love these?  They are nearly at the end of their season but are grown in Melbourne, hopefully they are around for just a little bit longer!

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French tulips

French Tulips

Would you look at these beauties!?  We don’t think we have ever seen tulips as large and as beautiful as these.  All the way from Holland we are impressed with their quality and beauty.

Scabious Seed Pods

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Scabiousa Seed Pods

New, interesting and quirky. Scabiousa seed pods are the new thing in town – their texture and bronze colour tone add an element of difference and interest within any floral design. They’ve travelled a long way from Holland to be here so make them feel welcome!


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