How to be a Small Business Facebook Superstar

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Facebook is where people are at these days. If you do it right, you can sell more flowers or get more weddings and events clients. If you do it wrong, well, hate to say it, but you’re just wasting time.

Good news is – it’s not that hard. Here’s my opinion on how to be a small business Facebook superstar:

Post Regularly

Social media content doesn’t have a very long shelf life and if you do not continue to engage with your “fans” they will soon start to forget about you and their commitment to your brand will wane.

It’s very much like how we interact with acquaintances in the real world: you either keep in contact with them or you don’t, and the longer you don’t, the less likely you are to ever bother at all.

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Don’t Spam

The worst thing I see people doing all the time on Facebook is spamming. It’s hard to understand why people do it. I often check and they usually have few Facebook followers or interactions on their page, so it plainly doesn’t work.

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small business facebookHere is my definition of spamming: Posting off-topic, unsolicited, self-promotional stuff in other people’s online space (in this case, their Facebook wall).

So no going to someone’s Facebook wall (business or personal) and writing anything like this: “Get great deals on flowers this Valentine’s Day at My Awesome Shop – 20% OFF!”

Another thing to definitely NOT do is write “Hi from your newest liker – My Awesome Shop”. Seriously – lots of people do it. A complete turn off. A waste of everybody’s time.

What you CAN do is “like” a page while logged in as your business page. The page admin may then check out your page in return. Just don’t ASK them to do that – too self-serving.


Don’t Sell

“Selling” is the slightly more tolerable but still inadvisable cousin of spamming.

Just because someone has expressed a tiny amount of interest in you by taking the very low-value action of clicking a cartoon thumb, does not mean they want you to blast sales messages at them.

People HATE being sold at. Television, newspapers and radio are losing market share to new technologies because people prefer to consume “content” (shows, articles, music, etc) without having to put up with advertising.

Chill on the sales messages or your Facebook efforts may suffer. Instead, be interesting, useful and helpful. This makes people genuinely like you – and people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Just knowing (of) you is often not enough.


What Should You Post Then?

If you need to post regularly, without selling or spamming, then what are you supposed to post?  Here are some ideas:

    • Photos – floristry, wedding and events are visual mediums so to keep your page fresh is simple – take photos of flowers and/or your events and post them to your wall.Photos are quick to view, comment on, share and then move on from – perfect for Facebook. The trick is taking good photos – we have a flower photography page on our website to help you with that.
    • Videos – are an opportunity waiting to happen in the flower world. I have ONLY seen boring videos in this niche. So if you have charisma and can figure out an entertaining format that is useful to your target market, then go for it.But keep them short because videos are very time consuming to produce and more people will watch a shorter video.
    • Write a Blog – if you can write then by all means crank out the blog posts and link to them from your wall. It’s a great way to move people closer to your e-commerce store!Same rules apply: be interesting, useful and entertaining.
  • Share Other People’s Content – this serves three purposes: 1) it is (or should be) useful and entertaining for your Facebook fans 2) it relieves you of having to think up anything that day and 3) it makes other people think that you are awesome!

People crave positive feedback, so when you share a photo of another florist’s work or anything that somebody else made, said or did, you are sending that person a message of validation. This will make them inclined to like you and potentially help you in the future.

Most people focus almost entirely on what they can get out of the Internet. Ironically, by doing the opposite and freely sharing and promoting other people’s interests, you will get more out of it than will the self-interested masses.

Bonus Tip: Make it easy for people to purchase from you or contact you! (Don’t laugh – people often neglect this.)
Seamus - marketing nerd
Written by Seamus – Tesselaar’s website manager and marketing nerd

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Seamus is Tesselaar Flowers' digital marketing manager. He's a creative marketing geek, writer, musician & accidental flower lover. He helps small businesses with websites and web marketing. If you need any help regarding the Tesselaars website you can contact him on


  1. Hi Seamus HELP! I am technologically challenged and thought that facebook was working for me without any hassle until I clicked on another site one day and now I have two pages! is ‘places’, the other ‘pages’. Its got something to do with a ‘platform’
    ..maybe I have more than 1 login or something. Anyway, people are sending me friends requests to the blank page so they can’t enjoy any of the page I’ve actually worked on. I only get likes on this page when people see that I’ve posted pics. I need to rectify
    this asap but am concerned that they’re linked and I’ll delete hours of work if I deactivate one of them. I hope this makes some sense. Do you have any advise? ..sorry to bother you! I just can’t seem to work it out. I really want to use this medium but its
    got beyond me. I’d love your help or advise on where I can find help. (I’ve looked through the facebook help centre but am just getting more confused.) My page(S) is ALBA ROSES. Many thanks, Maryanne, Alba Roses.

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