Is Your Florist Website Turning Customers Off Your Business?

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I was just trying to join an industry email newsletter today when I hit a brick wall. Every time I filled out the form, which had one of those annoying captcha things in it, where it asks you to fill in a code to prove you’re human, it would tell me I had entered it incorrectly.

Plainly I wasn’t doing anything incorrectly; the form was simply not functioning properly. This got me thinking about all the ways your website needs to be functioning properly not so-much to attract or convert customers – but just simply not to irritate people giving them an excuse to leave your site without purchasing or contacting you.

Here’s a list of annoying things websites sometimes feature that could turn a potential customer off.

Captcha on Forms

Nobody likes getting an email inbox full of spam but also nobody likes trying to figure out what the heck some wacky looking code actually says, then entering it into a little box. What you are doing here is transferring your problem (spam) onto your customers. The fact that you do not like spam is not their problem; you are there to solve their problem (they need flowers) and to make this experience seamless, painless, enjoyable even!

(Editor’s note: We have had to introduce them here on this site. The spam is just tooooo annoying. Sorry about that!)

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Hard To Find Contact Details

Although this seems obvious I still come across websites all the time who make it hard to find the phone number or email address to contact the business in question. Have your contact details clearly visible on every page IF you want to be contacted.

Poor Design

If your floral design is brilliant but your website looks like a dog’s breakfast, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. You can get a pretty attractive florist website designed by a professional for as little as a few hundred dollars. Well worth the investment.

Poor Photography

Nothing looks worse than amateurish photography. While it would probably be impractical to hire a professional photographer to rush in every time you finished a decent bouquet, it makes sense to hire one once to showcase your floral design talents in their best light. Why not ask your photographer to snap some of pics of you and staff too while they are at it, for your “About” page.

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And of course, be sure to ask your brides for their photographer’s number so you can call them and get those sweet wedding shots!

Payment Options

Many people who are comfortable purchasing on the web hate it when they are forced to enter all their details only to be asked after that if they’d like to use Paypal. Paypal already has its user’s details, so ask your website developer to ask that question BEFORE demanding a name, address etc.

Zombie Flower Photos

I am talking about the kind of flower photos with white backgrounds that you get from the wire services. I think they look disembodied and yuck, a very dated aesthetic now which could partially responsible for the decreasing sales across the floristry industry as we discussed here (point one ).

Music that starts up when you visit the site.

Maybe it is just the surprise factor but it is widely disparaged across the Internet.

Anyway, I could go on, broken links jumps to mind, as do confusing e-commerce shopping carts, but to accentuate the positive – go have a look at 10 awesome florist websites that get it right!
Seamus - marketing nerd
Written by Seamus – Tesselaar’s website manager and marketing nerd

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