International Lonely Bouquet Day

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lonely bouquet day

Warm and fuzzies ahoy!  International Lonely Bouquet Day is coming!

 ‘What’s International Lonely Bouquet Day‘ I hear you ask?  Well, it’s this super fantastic day where we as florists get to spread a little love to our wider community.

 The day is the brainchild of Emily Avenson- Owner of  ‘Fleuropean‘ in Belgium.  It all started with Emily’s random acts of floral kindness – leaving little bouquets around her community for strangers to find.  She would leave a small note on each bouquet, explaining that she was simply looking to brighten someone’s day with a heartfelt gesture and a few flowers.  

She photographed every bouquet she left, and through sharing on social media and her blog, florists and non-florists alike started to follow the stories of who and where these bouquets ended up and many started participate in the feel-good activity.   This led Emily to call an International Lonely Bouquet Day on the last Sunday in June 2013.  This year marks year two of this feel good event (Sunday, June 29th) and more and more flower enthusiasts are getting involved.  The note encourages the adopters of the bouquets to share their stories about where the bouquets have ended up and the circumstances in which they have been found. No doubt these stories will restore your faith in humanity!

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If you would like to participate, follow the link to instructions and a sample of what you can write on your lonely bouquet note.

Happy flower philanthropy!

PS – We’d love to hear your stories of your lonely bouquet journeys…drop us a line or share with us via social media!

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    1. Thanks Linda 🙂 When I found out about this idea last year and started leaving bouquets myself, the feedback from the recipients was just lovely. And for the most part, the person at the time of finding it really needed a pick me up or encouragement. Funny how that happens <3

      1. Rose , I work at Denise’s Flower Studio in Dubbo NSW and we left 2 glass vases of flowers out on the seats in the street… after half an hour they were gone… hope they warmed someone’s heart )

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