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If you are searching for a company to deliver wedding flowers to your door, then you've stumbled across the experts in the game. We deliver wedding flowers across Melbourne, to business and private individuals.

If you are looking for a Melbourne wedding florist, we provide masses of photo examples and contact details from real Melbourne florists for you, many of them using flowers we've supplied.

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Wedding flowers Melbourne examples

Affordable Wedding Flowers Melbourne

We are the nation's delivery experts, Melbourne born and bred, so have a look around the site, wade through the colours, smell the virtual perfume and when you're clear on your palate and theme register for an account to buy flowers (anyone can purchase direct and we will deliver to your door).

Get stuck in and you'll soon be on your way to wedding flowers nirvana!

Find A Melbourne Wedding Florist

The one thing that you may find when you are searching for wedding flowers online, is that there are so many to choose from, so how do you know which florist is worth going with?

Well, the first thing to consider is your own needs. What kind of styles do you want? How much time do you have? Can you find examples of the kind of thing that you like?

A great way to do this is to browse our flower gallery, our Facebook page and our blog and start pinning the flowers you like. Then send this link to your chosen florist.

Melbourne Wedding Flowers by Sinikka

Melbourne Wedding Flowers by Sinikka

To find a florist that you resonate with then you can check out the large amount of Melbourne bridal flowers examples we have in this website.

Here's how:
1) Visit our wedding flowers galleries,
2) Go to the Victorian section of our florist directory,
3) Just browse through this site, it's full of wedding flowers from all around the country, like the below:

Some Examples of Melbourne Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers by Floriography from Seddon, Melbourne

By Floriography from Seddon, Melbourne

Melbourne Wedding flowers by Smellies FLowers in Geelong

By Smellies Flowers in Geelong

Affordable Wedding Flowers Melbourne – Delivered To You!

The thing about weddings is that they get plenty expensive. So how are you supposed to juggle the demands of the big day? Well, we understand these issues and that’s why we offer affordable wedding flowers Melbourne. You can browse our site – we have so many flower photos – and pick and choose from the very best quality stock.

Once you have made your decisions regarding themes, colours, style, size and textures, you can apply for an account with us. We can then organise for your flowers to be delivered to your door no matter where you are in Melbourne. We deliver your flowers in water and you’d be surprised what a difference this makes because no matter how hard your delivery company tries your wedding flowers will always take a hit in the wind and in the sun. Warmth is the biggest problem for flowers and Melbourne has plenty of hot days!

Whatever your style of wedding flowers, Melbourne is a cosmopolitan place so people in attendance on the day may or may not be overly excited by your personal style decisions. But hey – it’s your wedding to let the flower of choice tell the story of you and your beloved. Personally, I don’t mind what kind of aesthetic values you decide to impose, in the end all that matters is that you and your better half are in love and the wedding flowers communicate this to the people gathered to witness your special occasion.

Sometimes you just have to be budget conscious and of course that why buying in bulk makes such good sense. You can’t be expected to spend every cent you have on the one day so why not do the sensible thing and stick to a strict plan to reduce your wedding overheads and have a great day!

south east melbourne wedding flowers

By Sassafras Floral Design, in Melbourne's South East

Cheap Wedding Flowers Melbourne

You may have gone out today and begun your organising mission with the words cheap wedding flowers Melbourne ringing around in your ears. And well you might because as we all know money does not grow on trees. The thing is though you need to beware of a false economy when you are organising your wedding because while you might save money looking for some cheap flowers, if they are dead on the day then your bouquets are not going to exactly light up the room!

When you walk up the aisle you want your wedding flowers to be incredible, the talk of Melbourne! So what you really need is quality flowers delivered to you at a reasonable price by the experts. We are the experts, by the way, we’ve been in the flower game now since our founding father Tesselaar came to our sunny shores on the last boat out of Holland during the war. He located himself in the the hills of the Dandenong Ranges and started what is to this day Australia’s best known and most respected flower business.

We care about our customers (and we hope this means you – if not already then soon!) and we care about flowers. You might come unstuck if you can’t see past the simple idea that is: cheap wedding flowers Melbourne. While if you change this way of looking at the proposition into something inclusive of the words delivery, quality and fresh flowers then your wedding might just stand a chance of going without a hitch – no matter what weather Melbourne has in store for you on the day!

Wedding flowers by Flos Florum in Malvern, Melbourne

Melbourne Wedding flowers by Flos Florum in Malvern

Wedding Flower Packages Melbourne

When you are shopping around for wedding flowers, you might wonder whether there are any kind of package deals that can help you to more easily decide what you might choose. For example many florists will happily help you to select the entire range of different floral products that you will need on the day.

Keep your mind open, do your homework and diligently seek out all the various kinds of wedding flower packages Melbourne has to offer. Start by asking yourself, what flowers will I need on the big day itself? Well, for starters you’ll need the bridal bouquet of course, then there’s the bridesmaids posies. There’s the buttonholes (or boutonnieres if you’re all French and fancy like that) for the blokes (OK not so fancy). You may well also have one to two flower girls to think of and they may need not only something to carry but a lovely flower crown or headpiece too. Actually come to think of it the bride may want to pin something super special to her head for that extra glamorous touch – she’s the special lady on the day after all!

Other wedding florals to consider are the decorations to both ceremony venue and reception. By the time you’ve covered the pews, the ceremony table, the wedding reception table (they’ll need centrepieces – not too tall or the guests won’t be able to see each other) and perhaps even a flower wall if you’re trendy, you’re talking a fair swag of flowers. Luckily it’s cheaper to buy in bulk from a wholesaler like us, and also your florist will happily arrange a package deal which probably comes in cheaper too.

Flower package deals are not just a good idea as a cost consideration but also you’ll find that it makes it easier to be sure that you have a consistent theme across the various elements of the wedding. For example, it would be a great shame if your venue flowers clashed with your bridal party wearables and flowers to carry. See what I mean? There’s a lot to think about to make sure it all goes according to plan. Be sure to let our friendly staff here know if we can help with your wedding flowers, we’d be delighted to assist!

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