You may have gone out today and begun your organising mission with the words cheap wedding flowers Melbourne ringing around in your ears. And well you might because as we all know money does not grow on trees. The thing is though you need to beware of a false economy when you are organising your wedding because while you might save money looking for some cheap flowers, if they are dead on the day then your bouquets are not going to exactly light up the room!

Many people make this mistake, so don’t feel bad for your choice of words. Hey it’s only semantics! The great thing is that you’ve found this article on our website so that we can help you to grasp the fact that saving a few pennies here and there will not a rich couple make! More to the point when you walk up the aisle you want your wedding flowers to be incredible, the talk of Melbourne! So what you really need is quality flowers delivered to you at a reasonable price by the experts. We are the experts, by the way, we’ve been in the flower game now since our founding father Tesselaar came to our sunny shores on the last boat out of Holland during the war. He located himself in the the hills of the Dandenong Ranges and started what is to this day Australia’s best known and most respected flower business.

We care about our customers (and we hope this means you – if not already then soon!) and we care about flowers. You might come unstuck if you can’t see past the simple idea that is: cheap wedding flowers Melbourne. While if you change this way of looking at the proposition into something inclusive of the words delivery, quality and fresh flowers then your wedding might just stand a chance of going without a hitch – no matter what weather Melbourne has in store for you on the day!

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