What a wonderful city Melbourne is! So full of life and culture; so many interesting things to see and do. So many people getting married every day!

Melbourne wedding flowers, as a style, reflect this cosmopolitan reality and run the gamut from the classic wedding – all white and chrome and glam – to the outer-suburban no-frills fun affair where the lucky couple want nothing more than to declare their love for each other in front of their friends and family before having a good old knees up into the night.

So there’s the dress, and the cake, topped with a flower is the trend. There’s the dress and the suit and the food and the venue – church or garden? (Surely not the beach in Melbourne?!) Last but not least there’s the wedding flowers themselves. A bouquet tied round tight with silver ribbon, glue and sparkles or a loosely, brown-string posy with spring flowers delivered by a hipster with braces and a beard? Oh and of course there’s always the teardrop bouquet which some find abhorrent but yet others swear by as a classic of the floristry trade.

Yes, Melbourne wedding flowers come in all shapes, sizes and trends but the one thing that remains constant is the city’s favourite flower delivery team – Tesselaars! We are, as the TV ads used to say, the trusted name in the flower game and what’s more, we’re wedding specialists too boot. We even have an entire department in our hillside warehouse dedicated to nothing less than making damn sure that your floristry handiwork carried on the day is the finest quality fresh flowers that your relatives have ever seen,

No doubt they’ll mention it to you, once they’ve had a few drinks, “Gosh those flowers are lovely” and let’s hope the night is a one of those warm and balmy Melbourne evenings. May you and yours have a wonderful day full of the brightest people … oh – and flowers!

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