When you are shopping around for wedding flowers, you might wonder whether there are any kind of package deals that can help you to more easily decide what you might choose. For example many florists will happily help you to select the entire range of different floral products that you will need on the day.

Keep your mind open, do your homework and diligently seek out all the various kinds of wedding flower packages Melbourne has to offer. Start by asking yourself, what flowers will I need on the big day itself? Well, for starters you’ll need the bridal bouquet of course, then there’s the bridesmaids posies. There’s the buttonholes (or boutonnieres if you’re all French and fancy like that) for the blokes (OK not so fancy). You may well also have one to two flower girls to think of and they may need not only something to carry but a lovely flower crown or headpiece too. Actually come to think of it the bride may want to pin something super special to her head for that extra glamorous touch – she’s the special lady on the day after all!

Other wedding florals to consider are the decorations to both ceremony venue and reception. By the time you’ve covered the pews, the ceremony table, the wedding reception table (they’ll need centrepieces – not too tall or the guests won’t be able to see each other) and perhaps even a flower wall if you’re trendy, you’re talking a fair swag of flowers. Luckily it’s cheaper to buy in bulk from a wholesaler like us, and also your florist will happily arrange a package deal which probably comes in cheaper too.

Flower package deals are not just a good idea as a cost consideration but also you’ll find that it makes it easier to be sure that you have a consistent theme across the various elements of the wedding. For example, it would be a great shame if your venue flowers clashed with your bridal party wearables and flowers to carry. See what I mean? There’s a lot to think about to make sure it all goes according to plan. Be sure to let our friendly staff here know if we can help with your wedding flowers, we’d be delighted to assist!

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