pampas grass

Pampas Grass: 10 On-Trend Floral Designs (17 photos)

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pampas grass

This week floral style blogger, Kyla Helgeson, guides us through the most romantic of the new wedding trends, styling with pampas grass.

Lately, I have been seeing my social media feeds filled with this fluffy, feathery, natural grass, so eye catching, so beautiful, called pampas grass. It has been a floral trend that started overseas and it’s now hitting our shores. Used firstly in boho style weddings, but the trend caught on and now it can be seen everywhere from simple rustic events through to romantic luxury weddings.

If you really want something alternative to run-of-the-mill foliage or floral design, this could be it. There is something so stylish about the overall look and feel of pampas grass at a wedding. It’s textured, tall and en masse it can create a big ‘wow’ wedding moment. If you want to fall as crazy in love as I am, read on for 10 gorgeous on-trend floral designs using pampas grass.

Pampas Grass Ceremony Circle

Pampas Grass Ceremony Circle | Floral Design by Christine Cater | Image by Carlie Statsky

So What Is Pampas Grass?

Naturally, I share some of my work with my husband and when chatting to him about the pampas grass trend, I asked him: ‘Have you heard of pampas grass?’ To which he replied: ‘Yeah, I know pampas, it’s a pastry right?’ And then he proceeded to google it to prove his point! When we talk about pampas grass it is not the pastry, rather, an ornamental grass, native to South America. It grows best where winters are not extremely cold and it is at it best during late summer through to late autumn. I think it is so appealing because of it’s natural light brown colours, which can vary slightly in tone, as well as it’s soft texture like feathers.

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Floral Design by Bows + Arrows

Pampas Grass | Floral Design by Bows + Arrows | Image by Koby Brown Photography

Breathtaking Bouquets

Pampas grass can be used to create breathtaking bouquets. This boho style bouquet was created by Studio Mondine and features roses, foliage and pampas grass scattered throughout.

boho bouquet

Boho Bouquet | Floral Design by Studio Mondine | Image by Taralynn Lawton

Because the stems of this grass are quite tall (at times as tall as a person!), they naturally lend themselves to bouquet designs like an arm sheath. Arm sheath’s are held to one side and cradled in your arm. I love the combination of the olive leaf and pampas grass here, very natural and earthy.

foliage grass

Foliage and Grass Bouquet | Image by Christine Clark

If you do prefer the classic pretty rose bouquet you can still have it with just a hint of texture. This romantic and dreamy bouquet by Krista Jon Florals combines pastel pink garden roses, pink astilbe, petite daisies, dusty miller and small delicate pieces of the pampas grass threaded throughout. To me, this bouquet looks like a sweet summer breeze.

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pretty pampas

Pretty Pampas Grass Bouquet | Floral Design by Krista Jon Florals | Image by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Ceremonies That Make Your Heart Flutter

There is no doubt about it, because of its large scale, pampas grass gives the ‘wow’ factor. When used en masse, you can create dreamy settings in which to say ‘I do’. This wedding by Bows + Arrows used over 1000 stems of pampas grass and created this gorgeous aisle below. The pattern rugs give a boho chic vibe and then there is the arch……

pampas grass arch

Pampas Grass Ceremony Arch | Floral Design by Bows + Arrows | Image by Koby Brown Photography

What an amazing, jaw-dropping, ceremony arch! I adore the choice of blooms to feature at the top of the arch, including pink and white king proteas, dusty pale pink and apricot roses, and white spray roses.

ceremony arch

Up Close Pampas Grass Ceremony Arch | Floral Design by Bows + Arrows | Image by Koby Brown Photography

Another fantasy-filled use for it, is to create a hedge or circle on the ground. On top of a mountain complete with stunning view, bathed in sunlight, it creates quite the romantic scene. The pampas grass all together in different heights really looks like a fluffy cloud.

ceremony circle

Pampas Grass Ceremony Circle | Floral Design by Christine Cater | Image by Carlie Statsky

It’s also perfect for garden or woodland settings. I do love this unique floral design as an alternative to the classic arch or aisle, as it is very different. And if you love the look of pampas grass, be bold, be brave and do something different with it.

ceremony circle

Romantic ‘I do’ Setting | Floral Design by Lindsay Colletta Designs | Image by Kelly Anne Photography,

Unique Reception Spaces

Reception spaces are another opportunity to create the ‘wow’ factor and it has certainly happened here with a pampas grass hanging installation above the guest table. This divine floral design was created by Floral Impressions. It looks soft and delicate like a chandelier but the grass is actually strong and long lasting.

hanging pampas grass

Pampas Grass Hanging Installation | Floral Design by Floral Impressions | Image by Natalie Norton via Signature Maui Rentals

A simple and more cost effective option would be to have just a few stems in vases sitting along the guest tables. It just adds that extra detail, softness, as well as fullness to the reception space.

reception space

Soft Reception Spaces | Floral Design by Honey & Poppies | Image by Tyler Branch

Amazing Soft Details

Whoever thought of the idea to use pampas grass to create fairy wings is an absolute genius. It so makes me want to make a pair for my two year old daughter who just loves dressing up at the moment. I will have to wait until next summer/autumn though, when it comes back in season.

fairy wings

Pampas Grass Fairy Wings | Floral Design by Jen K Floral Design | Image by Jerry Yoon Photographers

Because it is soft it can be bent and moulded into any shape really. A curve shape or halo is a beautiful way to display it and these pampas grass hanging halos add interest to the reception space.

ceiling wreaths

Ceiling Wreaths Tablecentrepiece | Floral Design by Bows + Arrows | Image by Koby Brown Photography

A wall feature wreath could also be made to feature inside your reception space, outside for the ceremony or in the garden for pre-dinner drinks and photos. Ashley Fox Designs shows how amazing this autumn grass can be when paired with other autumn flowers, leaves and autumn tones.

pampas wreath

Pampas Grass Wreath | Floral Design by Ashley Fox Designs | Image by David Grube Photography

Of course the most simple, sweetest thing to do with pampas grass is to get a small piece of it and put it in a vase, either on it’s own or with a few stems of flowers. This is a look that you can enjoy at home, with an arrangement in a vase in the entrance way or dining table.

table centrepiece

Pampas Grass Tablecentrepiece | Floral Design by Bows + Arrows | Image by Koby Brown Photography

So, what do you think of this wedding flower trend? Are you in love or maybe it’s not your style? How would you like to incorporate pampas grass into a wedding or event? The possibilities are limited only to imagination.

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