Ready To Enter The RockStar Florists Competition?

rock star florists

Great - so you've decided to take a swing at it and see if you've got what it takes to be a 2016's RockStar Florist! Go you!

There are only 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1 - register. This just means give us your name, email and choose a password. Watch the step 1 how to video.
  • Step 2 - create your RockStar Florists profile page, because every entrant gets their own RockStar Florist profile page - so we can promote you and your talent to the world! (Ok fine, to Australia!) For this you will need a profile pic of yourself plus your basic details. You will probably know these off the top of your head. Watch the step 2 how to video.
  • Step 3 - upload your actual entries. Watch the step 3 how to video

What You Can Enter

You can upload one photo entry for each category that you'd like to enter (you can submit entries into one, two or all three categories).
The categories are:

  • Flowers To Wear - flower crowns, buttonholes, etc
  • Flowers To Carry - bouquets, posies, etc
  • Flowers To Decorate - rooms, tables, etc

That's pretty much it. It's free and should only take a few minutes. Ready to get started? Awesome...

Click the button below to get started or watch the 3 "how to enter" videos below first.

How To Enter Video - Step 1

How To Enter Video - Step 2

How To Enter Video - Step 3

Click the pink button below to get started 🙂