Holly Hipwell

RockStar Florist Competition Judge Profile

The 2016 RockStar Florists competition incorporates three bona-fide Australian "Rock Star Florists" as competition judges. This page profiles the wonderfabulous Holly Hipwell.

holly hipwell

Holly Hipwell, self-appointed “Chief Flower Enthusiast” of The Flower Drum and Flower Bomb pioneer is on high rotation as one of Sydneys leading florists.

What started out as a little blog a few years ago, "The Flower Drum" a home to document floral adventures, has now a bloomed into a full creative styling service specialising primarily in floral concepts.

She's not your typical florist - special projects and collaborations with Australian and International clients see her blowing up giant flower bombs, celebrity weddings and designing bespoke concepts for iconic fashion brands.

Holly spends all of her hours with flowers in her inspiring home workshop Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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