Melanie Stapleton

RockStar Florist Competition Judge Profile

The 2016 RockStar Florists competition incorporates three bona-fide Australian "Rock Star Florists" as competition judges. This page profiles the incredibly successful Melanie Stapleton, founder of Cecilia Fox.

mel cecilia fox

Cecilia Fox is a bespoke floral studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Guided by the fleeting beauty of the ever-changing seasons, our floral work comes from an intense respect for nature and its wild abundance. Appreciation of form, texture and tone are matched with a vigorous desire to share the many ways of experiencing the botanical world.

At the heart of Cecilia Fox is a love of flowers. Under the guidance of Director Melanie Stapleton, our team of creative individuals compose arrangements of the utmost quality and poignancy.

The name Cecilia Fox is a dual homage that pays tribute to both of Melanie’s grandmothers – Cecilia belonging to her paternal grandmother, and Fox being her maternal grandmother’s surname.

Encouraged by her mother to pursue an apprenticeship at her local florist, Melanie left school at 16 and has never looked back.

Her love for flowers spans over 20 years, and has seen her leave her native New Zealand to work in London and Europe. It was here that Melanie sharpened her skills, working with some of UK's top florists. All along the way gathering ideas and inspiration, so when she settled in Melbourne in 2004 the seed of Cecilia Fox was firmly planted.

Many years of hard work and much support from her partner Jamie, today Cecilia Fox is a thriving family business.