RockStar Florists Competition Rules

It is easy and free to enter photos of your floral designs (including but not limited to wedding flowers) into the competition – but it is important that you read the following rules and conditions of entry. In order for your entry to be valid, you must comply with these rules and conditions of entry when entering.

You Can Only Submit Your Own Work

All floristry work submitted MUST be your own. Any entry that is found to misrepresent the origin and copyright status of the floral work photographed will be banned from the competition as will the person who entered it and any other entries they may have submitted.

Image Size

Tiny photos present real practical problems for use, therefore we ask that all photos submitted be AT LEAST 500px wide or high. BIGGER IS BETTER. Entries that are smaller than 500px wide or tall may not be accepted.

Entry Requirements

To be valid, all entries must complete the entry form according to the instructions. Failure to do so may mean your entry is not regarded as valid.

Your Profile Picture

This is a competition to find the next RockStar Florist. Rock stars are not camera shy! Thus we urge all entrants to include a picture of yourself on your profile page (which you create as you enter).

In the end the judges and the public will be looking at the finalists and their work and choosing the winners. Yes, the quality of your work is the deciding factor, but your image will add personality to your work and the winners will be people, not logos or businesses.

What You Can Enter

Your entry must be a photo of your own original floral design (floristry) work, including but not restricted to wedding flowers. The image must be “flower-centric”. Excessive doctoring is not encouraged and words in the image are restricted to (florist and/or photographer) logos and watermarks. The image must relate to the category it is entered into. The image must be sharp and of good quality.

Posies, bouquets, button holes, reception table centers, installations, wedding flowers, event flowers, general floristry, artistic floral design, floral wedding or fashion shoots, whatever – as long as it’s floristry. Must be real, fresh flowers not artificial. No photos that have already been entered in our previous competitions please.

Note there are 3 categories: Flowers To Wear, Flowers To Carry and Flowers To Decorate.

We don’t want to stifle creativity with too many rules, if you are proud of your work and want the world to see it and love it, give it a shot!

Inappropriate Content

Offensive or inappropriate content will not be tolerated. This does not, within reason, rule out artistic imagery, however Tesselaar Flowers reserves the right to remove any content that we deem inappropriate or offensive.

Maximum 3 Photos Per Florist

You may enter from 1 to 3 photos into the competition. There are 3 categories and you may enter 1 photo maximum per category but you can enter less if you like.

Who Can Enter

Entries are open to all Australian-based florists and floral designers. Quality is the measure, so official qualifications or current employment as a florist are not considerations.

Choosing The Winners

A shortlist of finalists will be chosen by a panel of expert judges from the floral industry. 27 finalists in all will be chosen with a winner to be selected in each of the 3 categories by popular (Facebook) vote.

Judging is based on criteria such as colour, design, workmanship and flower quality. It’s a competition to showcase your floristry work not photography skills, but having said that poor quality photos make it hard to judge the floral work effectively.

Tesselaar Flowers employees are not eligible to enter. The judging panel’s final decision is final and no-correspondence will be entered into. The prizes are not redeemable for cash or transferable for other goods.

Facebook Likes and Comments

Let’s keep this friendly folks! We’re all here for the love of flowers and to support real Australian floristry!

Please understand that, in the interest of fairness, we monitor Facebook votes (Likes) closely and will ban anyone who is obviously cheating by buying “likes” or otherwise trying to unfairly influence the voting process.


If you suspect someone is cheating, please do not comment in Facebook about it (in case your suspicions turn out to be unfounded) but rather contact us privately with your concerns via this email: and we will look into it.

Any public comments in Facebook that we deem to be in any way derogatory, nasty or accusatory will be blocked and may result in your disqualification as a competition entrant or voter at our discretion.

Purchasing advertising to promote your entry is also not allowed.


In order to run the competition, it is necessary to collect some basic information about you (see “entry requirements” below). We respect your privacy and will not share your contact details with any third parties without your permission, however please note the following exceptions: your name, business name and your suburb/town will be publicly displayed with your photos and when referencing your entry at any point.

Email Subscription

Entering the competition also automatically adds you to our general email list. This is a very popular email newsletter that goes out once or twice a month to over 2000+ Australian florists and flower lovers. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter very easily from within the emails you will receive and doing so will not affect your competition entry.

Image Copyright

By entering the competition, you give us permission to use your photographs and your name, business name and your suburb/town, at no cost to Tesselaar Flowers Pty Ltd, in perpetuity, within promotional material throughout our websites, offline marketing materials, online marketing channels such as social media pages, etc, and in any other reasonable manner.

PLEASE NOTE: While we do use these photos to promote the Tesselaars brand – more importantly we use them to promote Australian floristry and your own brand/name within the floral industry and directly to the end flower consumer. We believe that flower consumers are best served by genuine Australian florists and it is our policy to actively promote this to the public. Accordingly, where practical, we credit the florist responsible for the floral work featured in any photograph.

Copyright for the image and the floristry photographed remains with you and/or the photographer.

Your right to submit photographs of your OWN floristry work will be taken by us in good faith; it is up to you to get permission from the actual PHOTOGRAPH copyright holder to enter the photograph, if this person or company is not you. Photos may be barred from the competition if the photograph copyright holder informs us they did not give you permission to use their copyrighted work.

Wow! You totally read the fine print! Well done – now go to the entry form and may the Floral Force be with you!