Mixed Coloured Roses

Rose Colour Meanings: Send the Right One to Your Loved One

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Loved the world over, the glasshouse long stem rose is available these days in so many colours and shades.  Roses are grown naturally in red, pink, yellow, white, orange and lavender to name a few, with each colour having a traditional meaning.  If you are thinking of sending roses to a loved one and you want to get the sentiment right or you are just a rose admirer, here is a wrap up of roses and their colour meanings.

Mixed Coloured Roses

Mixed Coloured Roses | Alisha Ellis – Wedding Floral Designer

Every shade of rose has its own name and there are literally thousands of flower names.  As Juliet famously said to Romeo “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”  True, but for florists (particularly wedding florists) the names of roses are quite important as we strive to get that exact, perfect shade for the bride.

Red roses traditionally mean love and passion.  Ever so popular with the cute little guy who’s all about love, Cupid, red roses are a fantastic choice to sweep your new love off their feet or to keep the passions alive in a long-standing relationship.

Red Rose

Red Rose | Tesselaar Flowers

Pink roses are also associated with love, but they also symbolise gratitude and appreciation.  These are best sent to the people who we appreciate the most and would be lost without, like our mothers on Mother’s Day.

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Pink Roses

Pink Roses | Kustom Kreations

Yellow roses, on the other hand, mean friendship instead of love.  They are sunny, joyful and show that you care.  The perfect choice for a friend to say thank you, or to give as a get well soon gesture.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose | Tesselaar Flowers

The ever beautiful and pure white rose can have two very different meanings depending on the occasion.  Hugely popular with brides, when used for weddings they mean “new beginnings”; the perfect sentiment for a bride about to start a new life with her husband.  Conversely, when used on more sombre occasions, such as loved ones passing, given to grieving family they can mean sympathy or “thinking of you”.

White Rose

White Rose | Sharon’s Bloem’s Florist

Orange roses are best for people with energy, enthusiasm and a passion for life.  A great gift for bubbly, big-spirited people celebrating a milestone birthday.

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Orange Rose

Orange Rose | Bloom Culture

Lavender roses mean “love at first sight”, so these are the perfect choice when you want to make an impression on the person you met at a party or through mutual friends that you can’t stop thinking about.

Lavendar Rose

Lavender Rose | Tesselaar Flowers

One of my favourite flower combinations is mixed coloured roses, called gelati mix.  Usually made up of orange, yellow and pink roses.  It’s just such a bright playful mix and puts a smile on all who see it.

Gelati Roses

Gelati Roses | Deanes Wedding Flowers

There is even a new rainbow rose (see below) that has a different colour in each petal!   The petals of this rose have been artificially coloured, by splitting the stem and dipping each part in different coloured water.  The coloured water is drawn up the stem and into the petals giving a bright multicoloured rose.   Many think this rose means “happy” because they are just so bright and fun.

Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose | Image via www.sarahsflowers.com.au

With so many wonderful rose colours to choose from in every colour of the rainbow, why not send some roses to convey your feelings to a loved one today?



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