The Super Simple Marketing Plan For Florists (And Other People Who Should Be Drinking Wine Right Now)

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When it comes to marketing, do you sometimes feel so overwhelmed at the thought of EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS DOING that it makes you feel slightly panicky in a God-I-can’t-breathe-and-I-really-want-to-run-away-screaming kind of way? Kind of like the opposite of this lady?…

florist marketing plan

Smiley florist who clearly has an awesome marketing plan in place, and possibly a very rich husband…


I know I have felt like that sometimes – and I’m supposed to be the marketing professional!

If this sounds like you, then print this marketing plan FUNsheet off, relax and BEHOLD, for here is…

The One Simple Secret To Total Marketing Clarity

No really… I’m serious…

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… what I have found is that the trick being a marketing superstar (and being able to breathe) is to reduce the whole thing down to a series of really simple steps until you only have one single marketing thing to think about each day.

Not 7,493 things.

Not 10 things.

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Not even 3 things.

Just. One. Thing.

Because you don’t need more to think about. You need less. You just need clarity so that:

  • you DON’T  feel overwhelmed about marketing your business
  • you DO feel confident about your marketing skills
  • and you know what to do next

 And THEN you’ll be a smiley florist indeed … just like the lady in the photo above …

Let’s Get Started: The Super Simple, Dead Easy, No Worries Plan-For-People-Who-Would-Rather-Be-Creating-Something-Cool-While-Drinking-Wine-Instead-Of-Sitting-Up-At-Night-Writing-Some-Stupid-Marketing-Plan Plan

The first thing is to get wine. Or (if you’re at work) possibly tea. I’ll leave that to your discretion.

The second is to get a pen and, if you didn’t already, print off this marketing FUNsheet. (This IS how you like to have fun right?)

The third thing is to get crystal clear about:

A) What Do You Want?

What major goal do you specifically want to achieve for your business? For example: to book in exactly two weddings per week from September 1st until December 14th.

This goal should be SMART:

  • Specific – you know exactly what you want (besides more wine)
  • Measurable – you can measure whether or not you actually pull it off (and how much wine you needed to drink in order to do that)
  • Attainable – as in not impossible (like some Friday afternoons are, without wine, that is)
  • Relevant – make sure your marketing goal matters i.e. it actually serves the health of your business (preferably with the correct wine)
  • Time-bound – set a specific date for achieving this goal (and, of course, celebrating with wine).

OK so now you have one single thing to think about: wine a marketing goal.


B) Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Clearly it’s not that grumpy manager from the local restaurant who complains about the smallest thing, takes forever to pay her bills and NEVER asks you to stop for a complimentary wine when you drop off her reception arrangement.

No. Definitely not her.

So who, then, is your IDEAL customer?

Get clear about this. Like REALLY clear. What do they wear? Where do they live? What gender are they? Why do they buy flowers? What is their income? Make up a little story about them, down to the tiniest details.

In dorky marketing nerd circles, this is called a “buyer persona”.  You should do one to describe your perfect customer (the one you actually want). From then on every marketing “thing” you do should be aimed specifically at this imaginary perfect customer in order to attract real versions into your life and business!

OK so now you have only one person to think about: your ideal customer (potentially tall, dark and handsome).

 C) What Is Your Big Promise?

What is your Big Promise to the target audience? Your Big Promise is a clear and (hopefully) compelling single major benefit you provide to your ideal customer.

What is the thing that sets you apart? Is it your amazing style? Is it your amazing customer service? Is it your niche area of expertise? Or maybe you are the only one who offers same day delivery in your area?

Tip: it is usually not a great idea to make your Big Promise be that you are the cheapest. Because then all someone has to do is be cheaper than you, which starts a price war and then you all go broke.

Another Tip: If you have a fabulous personality, that in itself can be your Big Promise. (If you don’t have a fabulous personality, try wine.)

If there are multiple promises, that’s cool but try to nest them under the one Big Promise (family tree style). For example, on your brochures, you might keep the front of the flyer clearly focussed on your single Big Promise before branching out on the back to address the sub-promises.

(Even better – just have one promise. Otherwise you’re kind of messing up my article.)

Did You Get All That?

If you have been paying attention (to more than your wine) then you should now be clear on:

  • Your One Goal
  • Your One Customer
  • Your One Big Promise

Now it gets easier. Now the meat of your marketing plan falls into place and the minutia takes care of itself.

(Actually that last bit is a lie, you are still going to have to deal with the minutia, sorry.)


Here’s How to Finish Off Your Plan

This is the bit where I deliver on my promise to keep it simple so you avoid feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the millions of things you could be doing.

From when you’ve completed this next section, all you will have to do or think about each day (in terms of marketing) is just one thing.

  • Start by choosing the one thing that if done by the end of the month will mean you’ll achieve your one marketing goal that you defined above. For example “get a website”.
  • Now figure out the one thing that if done by the end of the week will mean you’ll achieve your end-of-the-month goal. For example “hire website developer”.
  • Now figure out the one thing you could do next so you’ll finish your weekly thing, so that you complete your monthly thing, so that you’ll complete your major thing. For example “Call 3 website developers”.
  • Then do it – when you said you would
  • After it’s done, drink wine
  • Between sips, choose the one thing you will do the day after that (but always focusing on what will most likely mean you complete your weekly one thing on schedule).

From now it becomes about consistency: choosing your one daily marketing action and just doing it.

In the end, the plan won’t do itself, you will have to do the work, but with this simple marketing plan you will no longer feel overwhelmed and will soon be kicking marketing butt.

This will mean more customers, more time getting paid to do what you love – and, most importantly, more wine!

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Seamus is Tesselaar Flowers' digital marketing manager. He's a creative marketing geek, writer, musician & accidental flower lover. He helps small businesses with websites and web marketing. If you need any help regarding the Tesselaars website you can contact him on


  1. Oh my gosh …. thankyou! I have been procrasinately as to taking the leap from glorified hobby to an established small business with my floristry and this post has truly been a God send (where are your wings Seamus??) as I am on strong painkillers for a riding injury no wine for me but the enticement for having it as a celebration when I have actioned my marketing plan ….yes! Suzygal 😉

  2. I’m sitting at my laptop, in a rain soaked Irish evening, trying to find that elusive “promise” statement for my social marketing course in the morning. Would love to post this on my facebook page but still not sure if I can!!! Better yet, on my blog page. You have brightened my whole day. Thank you.

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