The Only Thing You Need To Think About To Be A Successful Florist

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You may find that marketing your business is a bit of a stress because:

  • you do not have confidence in this area,
  • you do not have loads of time to devote to it
  • or you are not sure what you should focus your time and money on.

This is understandable, so here’s a something you might not have thought I’d ever say: relax – you don’t need to be a marketing expert.

You don’t need to bust your gut coming up with ground-breaking marketing ideas or read every marketing book going – but what you DO need to do is focus on one thing: Customers.


successful florist

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How To Make Your Flowers Market Themselves

You might presume successful florists are the result of clever marketing: websites, ads and special offers that somehow magically cause people to buy flowers. This is not strictly true. Successful florists get that way because they understand that everything they do is marketing – and marketing is above all else about putting the customer’s needs first, always.

If you focus on making the most amazing floral arrangements possible and if you always do it with a mind to genuinely solving customer problems then your flowers have a strong chance of “marketing themselves”. People will love them and rave about them to other people.

However, while your floral arrangements are obviously important, there is more to it than just the flowers.

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If You Were Your Own Customer, What Would You Think?

Everything about the customer experience is important. Every element needs close attention and effort (not just the flowers). Always ask and re-ask the same question: “If I was the customer what would I think and feel about every step of the process?”

Can customers find your business? Are you easy to access (phone, email, parking etc,)? Do customers feel they are in the right place when they walk in to your shop or visit your website or Facebook page?

Do you find out and understand what problem your customers are trying to solve and do you solve their problems or do you just try to sell them what you want to. Do the flowers you offer make your customers feel that they have done the right thing buying off you?

Does the production, style, packaging and delivery show that there has been thought, effort and attention to detail? Do you find out afterwards if your customers are happy with the experience and that this matters to you and most importantly is this caring and effort actually sincere and not just a ‘marketing strategy’?

Sincerity is the key element in making the experience memorable for the customer. This whole process is marketing but it is also the product you sell. The product is NOT just the flowers; it is every part of the customer experience.

Pay attention to the detail and your business will blossom!


Wait! Don’t Delete Your Facebook Page Just Yet!

This does not mean that you don’t have to do your marketing homework. You still do. You’ll still have to work with social media, hire great graphic designers, etc.

But all of this is not something you add on; it is part of being a great florist. And if you can’t see that and if you don’t have a passion for these things, for what your business card looks like, how your staff treat customers or what the story of your floristry is, then you’d best get comfortable with a low income.

You don’t necessarily need to re-invent marketing or pull off incredible feats of innovative marketing acrobatics because if you have made your arrangements – and the entire customer experience – truly remarkable, then marketing is just a way of enabling people to discover and share your art.

Don’t worry about coming up with “clever marketing”. Focus the bulk of your energy on making floral designs you are strongly passionate in a way that not only simply meets your customer’s needs but makes their day too, then enable people to discover and share your talent by diligently and passionately covering your marketing bases.

Written by Seamus – Tesselaar’s website manager and marketing nerd – and Steve White, Tesselaar’s CEO. Photo courtesy Lenore Strydom, QLD

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Seamus is Tesselaar Flowers' digital marketing manager. He's a creative marketing geek, writer, musician & accidental flower lover. He helps small businesses with websites and web marketing. If you need any help regarding the Tesselaars website you can contact him on


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