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15 Winter Wedding Flower Wonders: From Sweet Pea to Stocks

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sweet pea

Cozy up with a hot cuppa and enjoy as Floral style blogger, Kyla Helgeson, takes us to a winter wonderland of beautiful cool season blooms from sweet pea to stocks.

I love winter weddings.  Even though I was married in summer and wedding season traditionally runs from spring to autumn, winter weddings are becoming more and more popular.  This trend simply makes my soul happy as there are so many beautiful winter flowers that are absolutely perfect for weddings.  Think sweet peas, stocks, hyacinth, helleborus, double parrot tulips, snowberries, then later in the season comes ranunculus and cymbidium orchids, I could go on and on, it’s such a divine time of year!

sweet pea

Winter White Sweet Pea | Floral Design by Poppy Design Co. | Image by Sally Pinera

I am yet to see snow (again on the bucket list) but you can’t help but draw your winter flower wedding inspiration from America and Europe, because they make a snow capped photoshoot look lovely, even though the model must have been freezing!  There is a lusciousness that comes from a winter wedding, a rich, layer luxury effect that can be created with florals, candles, fabrics, velvet, fur and fairy lights.  From sweet pea to stocks here are 15 divine winter flower wedding images.

winter bouquet

Winter Bouquet | Floral Design by Silks A Bloom | Image by Kati Mallory

Winter Flower Bouquets

The colour palette is one element of winter weddings that I truly love. Winter inspired floral design can include muted shades of blues and greys, think dusty miller foliage and brunia berries. With hints of black berries and green textured foliage contrasted with crisp winter whites. All these elements can be seen in this exquisite bouquet by Kelcy Leigh.

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foliage bouquet

Muted Tones of Foliage | Floral Design and Image by Kelcy Leigh Photography

Lots of layers and textures is what really makes winter weddings stand out. The combination of flowers and foliage in this floral design by Petal Pixie are so beautiful. A winter hero, sweet pea, mixed with glasshouse roses, maiden hair fern and blue gum. And while dahlias are not generally in season in winter, you may be surprised to know that Tesselaar Flowers have dahlias that are grown indoors by a local grower in Monbulk so they are available all year!

sweet pea bouquet

Layers and Textures | Floral Design by Petal Pixie | Image by Tonya Peterson

Winter bouquets can be really sweet and pretty too. The focal here is divine winter stocks in the prettiest soft pale pink, apricot tone. Mint greens and blues greys again soften the look.

stock bouquet

Stock Bouquet | Floral Design by Blue Lotus | Image by Sarah Kate, Photographer

Wooly Flower Crowns

A hot trend for summer and spring weddings, flower crowns can also be used with great effect for a winter wedding.  Keep the style simple and the colour palette muted. And on a side note, how divine is this knitted wool wrap?

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flower crown

Winter Flower Crown | Floral Design by Silks A Bloom | Image by Kati Mallory

There is something about pine and berries, that connection to the forest near snow capped mountains perhaps, that evokes winter style. It is inspired by America and Europe and in this back facing flower crown these elements are used to stunning effect.

winter wedding hair

Winter Wedding Hair | Image by Green Ginger Photography

Soft Buttonholes

Texture and softness cannot be more on point than with the inclusion of cotton. It inspires white winter style and a fluffy cloud like feeling. I just adore this buttonhole by Wildly Cultivated paired with a warm woolen scarf worn by the groom.

cotton buttonhole

Cotton Buttonhole | Floral Design by Wildly Cultivated | Image by Heather Burris Photography

Helleborus is a divine winter bloom and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my garden helleborus blooms this season. A coastal inspired winter wedding shoot with these cute buttonholes by Poppy Design Co. shows helleborus in green and white but they also come in gorgeous shades of deep purple, mauve, lemons and even black.

hellebourus buttonholes

Helleborus Buttonholes | Floral Design by Poppy Design Co. | Image by Sally Pinera

Cozy Table Arrangements

When I think of winter reception spaces I always think of more intimate cosy gatherings, perhaps in a lovely restaurant or winery with a log fire. So the table arrangements I am drawn to are low with simple elegant style.

winter table centre

Winter Table Centre | Wedding Planning & Floral Design by Hey Gorgeous Events | Image by Marissa Maharaj

With a few seasonal white blooms mix in some pinecones, branches or foliage found in nature to add rustic winter texture to your table scape. And to create a warm atmosphere, don’t forget the candles, lots of candles!

winter table

Winter Table Scape | Floral Design and Image by Kelcy Leigh Photography

Seasonal Accents

My mouth fell open when I laid eyes on this gorgeous creation by Wildly Cultivated. A fantastic alternative to a traditional bouquet, a hoop adorned with flowers. If there is a bride out there who would like me to recreate this look for them, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

flower hoop

Flower Hoop | Floral Design by Wildly Cultivated | Image by Heather Burris Photography

For winter weddings, indoor ceremony spaces would be the best bet to keep the bridal party and guests safe from rain and chilly winds. You can go all out and really decorate an indoor space with lighting, draping and florals to create a lovely and romantic setting. Hey Gorgeous Events shows how a curtain decorated with textured foliage can create a beautiful entrance.

winter aisle

Winter Aisle | Wedding Planning & Floral Design by Hey Gorgeous Events | Image by Marissa Maharaj

Cool Wedding Cakes

And finally let’s not forget the winter wedding cake. You could go for a simple, winter white cake decorated with green foliage.

wedding cake

Winter Wedding Cake Image by Rebecca Arthurs Photography

Or a slightly different take on the naked cake trend, a stack of cinnamon buns drizzled in white icing sugar, adorned on top with seasonal foliage and cinnamon sticks, makes for a lovely and fitting sweet treat.

naked cake

Naked Cake | Floral Design and Image by Kelcy Leigh Photography

So if you just got engaged and are thinking about setting the date, don’t discount June, July and August!  Most likely, your favourite venue that is fully booked in March and October, is available. Plus, it is the perfect time of year for a romantic honeymoon by the fire. Many florists (myself included) would love and welcome winter weddings too, so chat to your local wedding florist about all the gorgeous seasonal flower possibilities.




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