Sydney Flower Markets? Better Get To Bed Early Then...

Sydney flower market
Sydney flower markets

Thankfully The Sydney Flower Markets Are Not Your Only Option!

How does hassle-free flower shopping, day or night, from your home or office sound?

A flower market Sydney trip means an early rise. Like, VERY early. Or how does hassle-free flower shopping from your home or office sound? We take orders any time of the day or night – you can order online, phone or fax.

If you’re in the greater area of Sydney, traipsing to a flower market isn't your only option. Try Tesselaars and you’ll get the best quality fresh flowers at flower market prices, delivered in water to your door as early as the next morning.

Why go to a market when you can order flowers online or by phone?

Hassle-free Market-priced Flowers Delivered Fresh to Your Door

Tesselaars are your best choice for buying market flowers; here’s why:

  • Over 70 years experience in the flower business
  • Next-day delivery to all of the greater Sydney area
  • Purchases as small as $100 minimum order
  • Flowers delivered to your door
  • Order by phone, fax or online – 24 hours a day
  • Our website shows you exactly what we have in stock right now and what it looks like, and what it will cost delivered to you
  • Your flowers will last longer, due to superior flower-handling from the farm to your door
  • Early morning deliveries (metro)
  • No flower market access fees
  • No parking fees
  • No traffic jams
  • No early morning shopping trips!
flower market staff member

Quality Stock Can Be Hard To Find

We can proudly boast that our flowers last longer than others because we are the only company that goes to the lengths we do to ensure our flowers are handled with cool-chain integrity.

What does this mean?

The cool chain is the different environments and stages that flowers go through to get to you. Unlike other ways you can buy flowers, we make sure that from the farm to your door, your flowers are kept in the best possible cool chain conditions. The flowers are kept refrigerated until they get to the couriers in Sydney, and even then they are kept cold and protected by the cold water in the protective buckets they are stored in.

How important is this?

Very! A gerbera flower deteriorates 30 times faster at 35 degrees, than it does at 2 degrees. Another way to look at this is 1 hour at 35 degrees equals a day and a half at 2 degrees!

So you can imagine that flowers which have not been refrigerated, have been left outside all day being buffeted by the wind and left in the heat do not last as long as the flowers we have kept cold, in water and protected from the elements!

No hassle, great prices, BEST quality – it’s a no brainer!