The breadth and scope of the flowers you will need for your wedding is breathtaking. There’s the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid’s posies, the bridegroom’s buttonhole, and some for the best man and co. Maybe something for the ladies to wear in their hair, and then there might be a flowergirl to think of too.

Wedding flowers packages Sydney Picture by Madison in Bloom

Wedding flowers packages Sydney | Picture by Madison in Bloom

Then you have the venue requirements. First there is the ceremony. If this is outside then you might be able to get away with less, but even outdoor ceremonies have been following the trend to really festoon the area from the end of the aisle right up to the spot at the front where all the action happens. So, inside or out, you might be looking at some rose petals to scatter up the aisle, some pew decorators (floral pom-poms are all the rage) and last but not least, a floral back-drop in the form of a wall or a frame, or perhaps some kind of suspension. Also popular: hanging flowers on fishing line from trees.

Then you turn to the reception and I am sure you can think back to your wistful “wedding inspo” Pinterest meanderings and recall hip little welcome set ups with flowers in mason jars (still cool or passe? You decide!). And then there is often a cake floral topping. But surely the biggest factor will be your wedding table centrepieces which require multiple units of the same or themed arrangements.

Woah. That’s a lot of wedding flowers. Sydney packages are available, delivered to your door, in water, on time and at amazing prices to help you get what you need to make the big day ultra-special and glamtabulous! Contact us to tell us all about your needs and/or apply to buy right here, right now.

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