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Tropical Flowers, inc Anthuriums & Birds of Paradise

Tropical Flowers, inc Anthuriums & Birds of Paradise

Tropical flowers and exotic foliages are popular options if you’re looking to create truly impressive floral displays featuring vivid colours, unusual shapes, and unique blooms. These extremely long-lasting flowers are ideal for corporate arrangements, beach weddings, and statement bouquets or installations.  Popular tropical flower choices include anthuriums, birds of paradise, ginger, heliconia, pineapple flowers, and dancing lady orchids.

Birds of Paradise


Availability: Flowers at different time through out the year
Stem Count: 5 / bunch
Vase life: Long
Colour range: Orange and purple

Birds of Paradise or Strelitzia is a large plant found in Australian gardens. Their common name comes from their striking flowers,  bright orange and purple blooms perched on long stems that look like the crests of tropical birds.  Great for tropical arrangments and even bouquets.


Examples of use

Crab Claw (Heliconia)

crab claw

Availability: All year
Stem Count: 3 / bunch
Vase life: Long
Colour range: Red

Crab Claw (Heliconia) named after the bright red claw shaped points on the flower, is a tall long lasting tropical flower.  A perfect choice for tropical corporate or feature arrangements.  Red in colour it is a very striking flower.

Examples of use