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Wedding Cakes With Flowers: Our Fave Styles & Top Tips

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Wedding Cakes With Flowers

To give your guests a collective sugar high while at the same time showcasing your on-trend style and impeccable taste, decorate your wedding cake with flowers. Whether you’re into towering, fondant lacquered extravaganzas overflowing with fresh blooms, or rustic naked cakes with feature flowers, there is sure to be a wedding cake and flower combination that perfectly matches your overall wedding colour palette and floral style.

So if you love the look of wedding cakes with flowers but are getting a bit lost following the crumbs to find your ideal style, check out these gorgeous floral wedding cakes! We’ve also provided our top 9 tips for making sure your wedding cake flowers look fab and are safe for your and your guests. Have at it!

1. Single-Tier Cakes With Flowers On Top

Single tier wedding cakes with flowers


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2. Multi-Tiered Cakes With Flowers – & Macaroons! – On Top

Multi tier wedding cakes with flowers


3. Fresh Flowers Strategically Positioned For Maximum WOW

Cakes Featuring Strategically Positioned Blooms

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4. Wedding Cakes With Cascading Fresh Flowers

Wedding Cakes With Cascading Fresh Flowers


5. Wedding Cakes With Edible Prints & Statement Flowers

Wedding Cakes With Edible Prints & Statement Flowers


6. Fresh Flowers To Decorate The Wedding Cake & Table

Fresh Flowers To Decorate The Wedding Cake & Table


How To Use Fresh Flowers to Decorate Your Wedding Cake: Our 9 Top Tips

Fresh or edible flowers add colour, shape, and interest to your wedding cake at a relatively low expense, allowing you to avoid the more time-consuming and expensive decorative techniques like fancy sugar work. Not sure what flowers to use? Do your research! Not all flowers are edible and in fact, some of the most popular wedding blooms are toxic if consumed, so be sure to follow these safety tips to have both a wedding cake that will look amazing AND have your guests coming back for seconds.

  1. Tell your cake maker that you plan to decorate your wedding cake with flowers, and which particular flowers you are thinking of using. Some popular blooms (like calla lilies, hydrangeas, ranunculus and some species of succulent) are considered poisonous, so you will need to take precautions before using them for cake or other food décor. Your cake maker is the one with the food license and will have the best knowledge of how to add these safely to your wedding cake.
  2. Choose edible blooms if possible, as these are by far the safest option. Day lilies, marigolds, gardenias, pansies, and some rose varieties are safe to eat.
  3. Before use, wash your flowers thoroughly inside and out, and set them aside to dry completely. If you’re in a hurry pat them dry with a paper towel. Note that edible flowers cannot be washed so make sure you source them from a reputable organic grower who doesn’t use any sprays or pesticides.
  4. Strip most leaves from your flowers and remove any large thorns/spikes.
  5. Stay away from strong-smelling flowers, as the smell can linger on the cake and affect the taste.
  6. Some flowers have very soft petals which absorb the fat from butter icing or cream if they are left on the cake for too long. This shouldn’t be a huge issue though as cakes with fresh cream should not be left on display for too long anyway; no more than 4 hours and less if the weather is very hot (place in the fridge until ready to serve).
  7. If you’re planning to top your wedding cake with flowers, cut the stalks so that they’re only a couple of centimetres long, group in the desired way, and then secure with a rubber band as high up the stalks as you can manage. Place the flowers on a strip of baking paper and trace around them very closely using a pencil. Cut the shape out and then rest it on the part of the cake you would like your flowers to go, smoothing the baking paper out so that it sticks well to the icing. Place your flowers on the baking paper, then lift up the stalks and pipe some excess icing underneath them to hold them in place. Complete the look by piping some icing over any excess baking paper that’s sticking out.
  8. You don’t want to risk the bare flower stems weeping into your cake, so if your cake flower design calls for large statement flowers to be placed on the sides of your cake or at the bottom rather than on top (and you need to poke the stems into the cake for them to stay in position), wrap the base of the stems in non-toxic floral tape, insert the stems of the flowers into a small section of bubble tea/jumbo straw, then put the straw in the cake. Alternatively, you can purchase florists’ picks (widely available online), which look like small golf tees and can be safely pushed into the wedding cake. They can also hold small amounts of sealed water so that the flowers don’t wilt.
  9. The later you add fresh flowers to your cake the better. Most wedding cake makers will assemble the cake for you on the day at your venue, including the blooms. If your cake maker is delivering the cake the day before, then keep the flowers separate in the fridge in their container until the morning of the wedding. Note that edible flowers will survive for several days in their sealed boxes in the fridge but will deteriorate if they are put on the cake the day before and then refrigerated on the cake.
Floral wedding cake Naturelle

Floral wedding cake, Naturelle

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We hope you enjoyed these wedding cakes with fresh flowers tips.

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