Here is a selection of blue wedding flowers or wedding flower arrangements featuring blue flowers. The photos are selected from entrants in our previous wedding flower competitions. All the entrants are Australian florists from around the country.

Blue wedding flowers

Blue wedding flowers

If you’re thinking of utilising any blue tones in your own wedding flowers or if you are a florist looking for inspiration then you should find plenty of blue wedding flowers here to tickle your senses.

Common blue flowers used in wedding bouquets and arrangements are hydrangeas, orchids, iris (bit more purple or violet really) and lavender. Others include Lily-of-the-Nile, Anemones, Babiana, Hyacinth, Starflower, Salvia, Sage, Pansies, Forget-Me-Not and of course the wonderful Sea-Holly. (Some people have also been known to go to great lengths to get blue wedding flowers out of blooms that do not usually come in this colour using spray paint!)

Blue wedding flowers by Karen Lye, Tugun Village Florist, Gold Coast

Enjoy the Blue Wedding Flowers!

You can view the flowers either in the slideshare presentation below (there’s a full screen option in the right hand corner of the slide player) or you can use the photo gallery.

Flowers pictured above by Kristy Mezzen (top) and Karen Lye.

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