It is remarkable that in all of the many different event traditions that we have in this world, very few of them involve a person holding a bunch of flowers, yet bridal bouquets are a tradition that is very unlikely to go away anytime soon.

These little wedding flower wonders are not just thrown together either; this is high art, each arrangement lovingly, painstakingly worked up by an artisan extraordinaire, a professional creative who’s job it is to give expression to the nuances of character inherent in every bride.

Bridal bouquets must conjure meaning. Example by Grace Gillard, Flos Florum

Bridal bouquets must conjure meaning. Example by Grace Gillard, Flos Florum

These marvelous things of beauty must not just look pretty, they must tell stories. Stories of the delights of romance. Of happy endings. It must embody the little girl that once was and the womanly flames of passion that now burn in her heart. It must sing of her blue-sky dreams and, perhaps, of the pain that this deep and sensitive soul has endured also.

Endured? Yes.

But defeated? No!

Look at her today as she walks slowly towards her man, both of these young lovers beaming. Grinning – not just from ear to ear – but from heart to heart, from soul to soul. This is the very tale that this artistic creation she clutches must tell – no mere bunch of flowers, no fancy, no trifle, no trinket – this is art at its greatest, for while Oscar Wilde famously quipped that “all art is quite useless” (or something like that) in truth not all art is – and certainly not the best art.

The Wedding Bouquet is Important

It is important for so many reasons, not just as an expressionistic medium for the bride, but also for the creator, the floral designer, the person who’s blood sweat and tears has been poured into this shimmering delight. For it is (his or) her life, her own story too, that moulds these shapes and forms.

a dreamy bouquet

Trailing bouquet of greens and ferns – Stems for Weddings.

Her very existence depends on this creation moving, not just down the aisle, but moving hearts, for if the designer cannot be an integral part of something that moves people to tears then they will soon find themselves waiting tables or driving a forklift. Nothing wrong with that of course – but torture to the inspired artiste.

A Symbol Of Hope and Progress

And finally, the wedding posy works also as a symbol of moving on from one challenge to the next, of passing the baton to the next young lovers out there, waiting in line. In throwing the flowers over her shoulder the bride communicates that she has achieved what she was seeking – true love and the chance to build a stable life of meaning going forward, whatever that may mean for her and her new husband.

And for the women, laughing and shrieking as they battle it out like Aussie Rules footballers in heels, scrabbling around after the discarded bouquet, perhaps slipping in spilled champagne, the significance is not lost on them either. For surely, if that were but a mere “bunch of flowers” they would not bother to lunge for the prize with such scant disregard for personal safety?

No – that there is more than just a trifle. It is a symbol of hope itself, hope that they too may one day find true love…

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