We are the experts in wedding flowers Canberra. Our wedding flowers are renowned throughout Australia for being of the highest quality. Our staff are experienced florists themselves so they know what you need in order to feel confident that you’ll get the result you want on the big day.

Canberra wedding flowers

Canberra wedding flowers

Wedding Flowers Canberra – Delivered To You

We deliver throughout Canberra and ACT from our local dispatch centre and the majority of our flowers are delivered in water so you can be assured of the best quality stock. We allow you to order once-off or to set up an ongoing commercial account with us. You can order your flowers online, by phone or by fax, and you have the ability to place your orders in advance.

Confidence In The Process

Our goal is to provide you with “confidence in the process”. You need to know that you will end up with the right flowers, in the right condition, delivered to the right location at the right time!

To achieve this we:

  • help you research and identify the flowers you want

  • provide you with a clear understanding as to what flowers are likely to be available at different times of the year.

  • follow up with you by phone to let you know about the realities of flower availability as the wedding draws nearer.

  • provide the most wide-ranging selection of flowers in Australia.

  • maintain the best standards in flower sourcing, handling and care from the farm to you

  • deliver your wedding flowers in water

  • guarantee our flower quality and service.

  • enable you to order online or by phone, fax or email.

  • deliver wedding flowers Canberra-wide and to all of ACT

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Canberra Wedding Flowers Directory

We have a wide range of top wedding florists in Canberra in our Florist Directory. Follow the menu at the top of the page to view their work and contact details.

Help With Everything Bridal Flowers

Our main wedding flowers page features Your Wedding Flowers Dashboard which provides many resources to help you from the initial bridal flowers planning stages right through to the big day.

We help you define your creative vision, learn the names of the flowers you love, explain what questions to ask when choosing a flower supplier, and teach you what flowers are available at what times of the year. We also help you organise ordering and delivery, learn what tools and accessories you will need, hook up with the best online wedding flowers tutorials, and learn how care for your flowers once they arrive. Go check it out!

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We have a massive collection of contemporary Australian wedding flowers by real Australian florists. The collection numbers in the thousands and has been sourced over the last 5 years as part of our famous Top Gun Wedding Flowers Competition. Get inspired!

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