The thing about getting your wedding flowers delivery is that you need:

  • the right flowers – you’ve planned your wedding flowers design theme. Obviously you need the exact flowers you thought you were getting.
  • in the right condition – you need your flowers to be delivered in top condition. If the flowers are too old or have not been cared for properly, they may look fine upon delivery only to quickly degrade within a day or two. Also you may require certain flowers delivered closed or “blown” (open).
  • on the right day – you need to be there when the flowers are delivered, and you may need a couple of days to allow for closed flowers to open.
  • to the right location – no point getting them sent to your home is you’re already at the wedding destination miles away!

Anything less than this is going to create problems – big problems. It’s not like you can postpone the wedding until the flowers arrive!

Here at Tesselaars, we are flower distribution experts. Our logistics capabilities cannot be matched in the Australian flower industry and this means confidence for you in our ability to check all the wedding flower delivery boxes.

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