Florist tools and accessories

Florist tools and accessories

If you intend to get serious you will need to get serious about your florist tools and accessories too!

Here are some basics:

Cutting Tools


For cutting paper and ribbon. You should avoid cutting flowers and (especially) wire with these however as they won’t stand up well to this use.


You’ll need a really good pair of snips, preferably with a safety lock so you can close them. You can use these to cut stems obviously but also sticks and even wire. You’ll also need a sharpener (especially if you use the snips for cutting tougher materials).

Wire Cutters

If you don’t want to use your snips to cut wire you can go for a pair of wire cutters. These will obviously allow you to cut through much thicker wire also.


Secateurs are especially handy for cutting through really thick stems and sticks that are too much for your snips to handle.


Parafilm (floral tape)

Parafilm is used in wiring your bouquets.


Forget “smoke and mirrors”, floristry is all done with wires and tape! Wires come in different gauges and are an essential part of the art and craft of floral design.


Pins come in different decorative styles and are used in corsages, headpieces, boutonnieres and other wedding flower staples.


Twine is mostly used for binding hand-tied bouquets.



To protect your hands from the rough business of flowers! Gloves are also useful for stripping the leaves from your stems as well (although there are tools specifically for that if you prefer). You will need gloves that are waterproof and hardy while giving you a fine enough touch that you are not rendered clumsy by the gloves.


To protect your fabulous “floral design day” outfit from stains and keep you dry, an apron with pockets can also be handy as you rock the flower world with your incredible creativity!

Super-Florist Utility Belt

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a super-hero (or cowgirl!) then, while not strictly necessary, why not go crazy and score yourself a sweet lookin’ floral utility belt like this or this? (Businesses linked to are not affiliated with Tesselaars.)

More Florist Tools and Accessories

Foliage strippers, foam, knives, ribbons, glue gun – the list goes on!

But of course, depending on your needs, you may not need everything on the florist accessories shelf, but you do need to think about this if you’re new to the flower game. To help you get your head around things you might need, here’s a handy list of florist tools and accessories resources from around the web…

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