How to make your own wedding flowers inspiration board using our photos

We have a massive range of wedding floristry and wholesale flower stock photos in our flower gallery. The gallery comes with it’s own Pinterest-style pinning functionality so you can easily create an inspiration board out of your favourite flowers and share this board via email, Facebook, etc.

Flower Gallery detail

Flower Gallery detail showing the blue pin to make your own page

Once you’ve registered and logged in, simply pin photos to your board using the blue pin that pops up when you hover your mouse cursor over a photo. Once you’ve pinned a few, click the “My Collection” tab in the menu and you will your favourite pics there. You can add and remove photos by clicking the blue pin button.

how to share wedding flowers inspiration board

To share see share button on “my collection” page.

How To Share Your Mood Board

Once you’ve created your flower mood board you can easily share the page to social media using the share button on your “my collection” page. This will give you a link to paste into Facebook or what have you. You can also link to this URL from your website (if you don’t know how ask your website administrator or Seamus).

How to Search in Our Flower Gallery

If you visit our gallery, you can click on the navigation menu (tabs) to choose flowers by:

  • category
  • type
  • colour
  • availability
  • popularity

If you have a photo of a single flower type that you don’t know the name of, why not use Google reverse image search to find out the name?

Failing that, try asking our community over at Facebook, someone will probably give you the answer in no time!

Check out all the latest wedding flower competition entries. Currently, you can view the 2013 competition collection, or the 2014 competition collection. That ought to keep you busy!

Wedding Flowers Competition 2013 Gallery

Wedding Flowers Competition 2013 Gallery

Go have a browse and get inspired by our incredible array of flowers!

flower pic detail

If you click on the photos you can browse through the larger views

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