Red wedding flowers

Red wedding flowers

Here on this page you will find a grand selection of red wedding flowers as sent in by top-shelf Australian florists from all around the country. The flowers featured were used by real brides in genuine weddings and, as you can see, to wonderful effect.

Enjoy the glorious floral spectacle and best of luck on your big day!

Red Wedding Flower Gallery

Red wedding flowers are vibrant, vivacious, sexy and dramatic. While traditionally associated with romance, red blooms also have traditional associations with slightly odd meanings. For example red poppies are supposed to tell a story about “consolation” and red carnations, apparently, meant (in the Victorian era) ‘alas my poor heart’.

There is also the sub-conscious association with blood … given a MASSIVE boost no doubt by the whole Game of Thrones “red wedding” thing! But the popularity of red nuptial blooms cannot be understated and who can deny that a beautiful dark haired raven, with ruby red lips and a red bouquet to match is not an alluring sight for any nervous groom waiting with sweaty-palmed at the alter?

While it is possible to find such odd items such as sunflowers tinted red on the internet (!) most brides with taste would be more likely to go for naturally red blooms such as roses (of course), red poppies (despite old fashioned meanings, forget them, to the modern person red florals symbolise passion, the heart, and love, plain and simple), red gerberas, anthurium, orchids, carnations, anemones, red hibiscus, red tulips, calla lilies, asiatic lilies and let’s not forget the dramatic and popular Bombay Celosia!

Red is a challenging colour in that it is so strong, so mixing it with purple might be a bold statement indeed (perhaps too bold?) and with green it’ll look just like Christmas! Offsetting your red wedding flowers with black and/or white is probably the most common and classic approach, and mixing it with soft and pale pinks gives a pretty and soft look. Adding a splash or red to your yellow and orange arrangements gives a vibrant, sunny look for a happy and fun wedding.

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