Wedding Floral Styles

The creative vision for a dream wedding can come from any starting point, often the idyllic setting, be it a modern industrial warehouse space or picturesque winery with rolling vineyards. As elements of the wedding are pieced together a style emerges, Rustic Vintage, Modern Glamour, Country French, Bohemian Chic, Classic Clean, Wild Textured.  The florals for each style need to be carefully chosen to create the desired look, our inspiration galleries are perfect place to start creating your dream wedding vision. 

Click on the images below to view a gallery of each style.

Trending Wedding Styles

Rustic Vintage Inspired Floral conjures up images of soft romantic blooms, Roses, Peonies, Ranunculi, Lavender, Andromeda and natural Foliage.  Think hessian, twine and lace accents and heirloom brooches to embellish.  Daydream laying in the long grass with the summer breeze of rustic barns, vineyards, crates and even vintage bikes create this look, perfect for a relaxed wedding style.

Modern Glamour Inspired Floral is for the bride who loves bling and OTT!  Think dripping crystals, diamantes, chandeliers, mirror glass and lots and lots of candles!  Everything is big and beautiful with the Modern Glamour Style and its signature floral style is flowers on mass, Orchids, Roses, Hydrangea, Gladioli, luscious foliage and carpet runners of rose petals.  A style that will really leave an impression. 

Country French Inspired Florals is where elegance and old world charm collide.  Bountiful full pretty feminine blooms in a rich colour palette of purples and plums teamed with classic French white.  Farmhouse weddings with rolling hills or a more intimate affair, with mix and match vessels and relaxed styling.

Bohemian Chic Inspired Floral Design follows no rules.  It is bright, fun artistic and free-spirited.  Elements can include the unconventional and upcycled eclectic or vintage pieces.  But unlike Rustic Vintage Florals the look is less refined, it makes more of a bold statement.

Classic Clean Inspired Floral is eternally popular, feminine, traditional and romantic.  All the classic blooms are here, Roses, David Austin Roses, Lisianthus, Freesias, Peonies, Hydrangea and Ranunculi.  Beautifully formed round domes in the bridal posies and table centres signify this look for the perfect Princess Bride.

Wild Textured Inspired Floral is exactly that, full of texture, full of lush green foliage, berries and succulents and can be described as all things yummy!  There is so much variety in foliages now, that they have become the focus of many arrangements instead of the filler.  From soft Silver Suedes to rough prickly Sea Holly, the combination can be quite divine.



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