There are many wedding flower wholesalers, so who to choose to supply your flowers? Here are some critical factors to consider before placing an order:

  1. Do they have the range you need?

Your best choice in wholesale wedding flower suppliers needs to be able to assure you that they have a large range of flowers available. This increases the likelihood that you will be able to get the flowers needed for the job. This will save you a lot of time as you don’t need to order via several wholesalers. It may also save you money on multiple delivery charges.

  1. Can they deliver to your location?

No matter where you are in Australia, if you are not located near a wholesale flower market then you will need your wedding flowers delivered. Even if you are near a market you may not want to go to the trouble of picking your flowers up in person!

  1. Will they provide you flowers of the highest quality and condition?

The thing about flowers is that they are perishable. Often flowers may look fine one day, but suddenly degrade the next. Usually this is because they are old or because they have not been handled in an ideal manner. Flowers need to be fresh, kept cool, kept away from disease and damage, and kept in water. This requires a commitment to top shelf flower handling and to “cool chain integrity”, which means keeping your flowers as cool as possible from grower to you – it’s important!

  1. Can they deliver your flowers in water?

Although this is not possible for all flower varieties, most flowers can and should be delivered in water. This ensures the freshest flowers to your door and gorgeous blooms on the big day.

  1. Can you see what you are ordering?

Nothing breeds buying confidence better than being able to get a visual on what a flower variety looks like before you buy. A quality wedding flower wholesaler should have a website that includes clear, colourful photographs of most if not all stock available.

  1. Can you order in advance?

You don’t want to be told you must order last minute. A good supplier should provide you with at least a 3 or 4 week ordering window prior to the big event.

  1. Can they provide you with an idea of what flowers are available at different times of the year?

While flowers, being a natural product, may vary in availability from season to season (depending on weather conditions), it is still useful to know roughly what flowers are typically available in different months. A good flower wholesaler should be able to provide you with this information as it pertains to their business.

  1. Are they committed to reliability?

Can you be confident in their ability to deliver the right flowers, on the right day, in the right condition, to the right address? If anything goes wrong, will they bend over backwards to help you get the result you need on the day? Do they offer guarantees?

  1. Are their staff domain experts?

You may know a lot or a little about flowers, either way there is always more to learn and it helps if the company you are dealing with hire actual florists to assist you with your orders.

  1. Do they provide multiple ordering options?

In this day and age, many rightly expect to be able to order online at any time of day or night. However, many other prefer to get on the phone and talk to a human about their order specifics. When it comes to wedding flowers in fact, even if you do order online, you will often need to speak to an expert on the phone to sort out any details or issues that may arise.

Our Answer to all of these Questions is Yes!

Over more than 70 years, we have grown to become Australia’s largest bulk wedding flowers supplier, servicing more customers with more wholesale flowers than any other domestic provider. The reason we are the market leader is because we can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions. Furthermore, we can help you even if you only require a once-off purchase.

We’d love to help you make the big day amazing and wonderful – please open the conversation with us now by filling in our quick, no obligation “apply to buy” form and we will get back to you pronto!

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