Wholesale Flowers Online: A Few Unusual Examples

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You won’t find wholesale flowers online like these anywhere else! These are some of the more beautiful and unusual wholesale flower offerings we have this week in our warehouses.

How about those Strawberry Fields – we absolutely love ’em! And the purple Callicarpa is such a great colour, they just came in season so hopefully they will be around now for a couple more weeks.

The Red Nerines are one of our favourites, we know you’ll be clamouring to get your hands on them. The fun and spiky Chestnut Foliage will add some zig-zag angles to your arrangements and of course the White Kale is always a favourite – looks good enough to eat!

Not to boast 🙂 but we’re pretty much the experts when it comes to wholesale flowers, online purchasing available from our shop!

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Chestnut Foliage

Chestnut Foliage

flowers red nerines

Red Nerines

flowers white Kale

White Kale

purple flowers callicarpa

Purple flowers: Callicarpa

red flowers strawberry fields

Red flowers: Strawberry Fields (forever!)

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