21 Reasons To Choose Tesselaars As Your Wholesale Flower Supplier

If you are a florist or commercial flower buyer, then you might be wondering what makes Tesselaars worth switching to? Well, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you purchase your wholesale flowers from us:

  1. Tesselaar Flowers is Australia’s leading wholesale florist with over 70 years experience. This translates to a strong commitment to supplying outstanding products and services nationwide, and the capacity to do so.
  2. Tesselaar Flowers are passionate about obtaining only the highest-quality wholesale stock across a vast range of products, including rare and unique lines.
  3. We offer complete floral solutions for all types of events, especially weddings.
  4. Nationwide overnight delivery from our warehouses in Victoria, Queensland and Perth.
  5. We understand that the wholesale flower business is as much about people as it is about supplying the highest quality of flower available.
  6. Access to cut flowers grown by some 140 Australian growers via the extensive Tesselaar network.
  7. A nationwide operation with a comprehensive supply base, Tesselaar has the ability to source and stock the widest possible selection of wholesale flowers.
  8. Tesselaar’s strong links to international exporters can ensure a steady supply of out-of-season stock at all times of the year.
  9. Qualified staff: Access to professional florist advice (our customer service team are all experienced florists themselves).
  10. Tesselaar Flowers now offers an online system that streamlines your orders for greater stock and service efficiencies.
  11. Don’t want to order online? No worries! You can still call our friendly sales team on the phone.
  12. Customised orders for special events at short notice.
  13. Tesselaar Flowers guarantees quality – if you are unsatisfied by a product, it will be replaced.
  14. Tesselaar Flowers guarantees delivery – you receive the wholesale flowers you need at the location you need them, every time.
  15. Tesselaar Flowers guarantees fixed pricing – all quotes include a fixed delivery price at the time of order with all packing and freight charges.
  16. Extensive wholesale flowers photo gallery.
  17. Order flowers for a specific date in the future.
  18. Check your credit balance online and print off statements whenever you like.
  19. Participate in our online community and promote your floristry skills to the world!
  20. Tesselaar Flowers use special Procona water buckets for long distance travel so you receive better quality, post-harvest-treated, longer-lasting flowers.
  21. Procona buckets also save you time, removing the need to unwrap and replace wet paper.

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