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Why Do People Buy Flowers? (And How To Get Them To Buy More)

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Flowers convey meaning and that’s why people buy flowers – to say something to other people. So to sell more flowers, get inside your customer’s heads and know what it is they want to communicate to others. Then make it easy for them to tell that story by buying your flowers.

People buy flowers to convey messages. One message is usually intended to say something from the giver to the receiver. Something like “I care for you” or “I hope you feel better soon” or “we’re here for you”.

But underlying this is another message, one that speaks of the giver more than it does the receiver, and I reckon this is key to selling more stuff – in this case flowers.

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People Buy Flowers To Gain Acceptance By Others

An external act like what you wear, what car you drive or where you bought the flowers from is a statement, a message to the world that seeks to define self-identity. It says “I bought these flowers from Florist X, therefore I want you to think of me in this specific way.”

People may not consciously know they are doing this, but they are doing it. We all do. Look at this world; it is full of people all unconsciously running around desperately seeking external validation from each other. We just want to be accepted and protected and we are prepared to go extraordinary lengths to achieve this.

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But why?

It’s pretty basic caveman behaviour really. We desperately need to feel loved and accepted by the pack. Rejection by any pack member cuts and that wound doesn’t heal easily. Witness the success of the Gotye song “Somebody That I used To Know” with its pained refrain “You didn’t have to cuuuuut me off!” That hit a very raw nerve with millions of people. No wonder it was the biggest Australian chart hit in decades.

To our inner-caveman, it would be fatal to be cut off from the pack. So we try our best to please everybody. If we can please the people in our lives they will love us and care for us and never reject us, never leave us outside the family circle (to die of starvation and cold).

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But What Has This Got To Do With Selling Flowers?

This innate need for acceptance is a very big part of why people buy flowers for other people.

Flowers as a gift are a way to gain the external validation that we all crave so much. Bring your friend flowers, and (we hope) she will always be there should you be in need. Bring your wife flowers (he fervently begs the Lord on high) and she will *cough* give you what you want and never leave you, never reject you.

Figure out what the customer wants other people to believe about themselves, and then help them to tell this story via your floral products.

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  1. Customers also enjoy fresh blooms in their homes. Fresh scent can be extremely energising, even a passing whiff – one remembers this! My customers tell me their flowers last and last, even up here in this stifling 45degree heat (or higher)
    ( I’m not greedy with my mark ups) Quality is key !!!!

  2. I have recently started a new online florist in my area, and I have working hard on getting the business name out and know to the area. I have yet to capture any real sales although I have received plenty of great feedback.
    I have been focused on the real estate agents in the area, do you have suggestions on other businesses that may be a focus next?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I absolutely agree with you sir! Flowers are still an excellent way to a girls heart and a man buying flowers shows a woman that they enjoy the finer things in life and they may just have a soul under that gruff exterior!

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